The Real Housewives Of New Jersey Season 6 Reunion: Amnesia Part 2

The Real Housewives Of New Jersey Season 6 Reunion: Amnesia Part 2

Jacqueline keeps Twitter War Going With Sister in Law Dina Manzo

Caroline Manzo Tells Dina To Get off Twitter

Jacqueline Luarita & Caroline Manzo 

Caroline Manzo Jacqueline Laurita

If you did not read Part 1 do so now 

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Caroline Manzo appeared on Watch What Happens Live the night of the reunion.   If you missed Part 1 read here first. I know all our readers are not on twitter and usually wouldn’t do a post with this many tweets, but Jacqueline Laurita has kept this Twitter War going for two days  (actually a few years) with Dina Manzo,  it’s hard to watch.   I hate to think what my gut is telling me is right.. I’ll tell you in a minute.

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Anyhow, Jacqueline let it known she would be tweeted during the reunion;

You know, that’s healthy to do.. Keep tearing your family apart Jacqueline.     First I want to point out, the past six seasons Jacqueline Laurita has fought with someone and attacked them relentlessly.   Season 1 and 2 it was Danielle Staub.  Look at these tweets  from Jacqueline to Danielle over the years.  Remember, Danielle was off the show by 2010 early 2011.  These aren’t half the tweets Jacqueline taunted Danielle with over the years.  Every time a story came out, Jacqueline would tweet and tweet it.  Season 3, 4 and 5 it was Teresa Giudice. This season although Jacqueline has not been on much,  Jacqueline has attacked Dina Manzo non stop on twitter and to the press over the years.  Remember when Ashlee Holmes picked a fight with Dina for no reason and blogger @AllAboutTRH tweeted Dina Ashlee’s tweet and Dina responded; ‘Just a hint of why I stay away” If you missed that, read here.   Read: Jacqueline Laurita and Daughter Ashlee Holmes Attack Dina Manzo On Twitter     Dina said on the reunion she invited her estranged family to Lexi‘s graduation party and nobody came. She went on to say that Jacqueline put a stipulation on their RSVP: meet ahead of time to hash out issues, we’ll come to the party. Dina refused and said she doesn’t want to be around a certain “toxic” person and hinted Jacqueline messed up the plans.  Dina rather everyone just show up and pretend to be zen.  Dina also said she always pretended to the press that every thing was fine with the Family and wished everyone else followed suit. (Read The link above, Jacqueline started a lot of shit over the years!) Dina also expressed she was hurt for not being invited to Lauren’s engagement. Jacqueline not one to be quiet and of course had to speak of things that ha NOTHING to do with he tweeted all night.. I am going to put most of the tweets in one snapshot other wise this post will take forever to load.   Read: What would happen if Jacqueline Laurita did not talk about Teresa on RHNJ    Jacqueline Laurita  tweets     Notice Jacqueline has to comment on Giudice/Wakiles ? Do you see Teresa tweeting about the Manzo/Laurita feud? Nope.   Caroline appeared on Watch What Happens Live and trouble maker  Andy Cohen read her a tweet from Dina which was;   

Caroline responded by saying there are family members that Dina never has never met and said Dina did  not go to their brothers Jamie Laurita’s wedding.  What Caroline Manzo forgot to say was; 9 other siblings did not go to the wedding because Dina was supposed to do Jamie’s wedding on her defunct show, “Dina’s Party” and Caroline talked Jamie into having the his wedding on Bravo TV instead.  If you remember when Jamie describe his big day, he said he had only a month to prepare.

When the episode aired, Albie Manzo, Lauren Manzo and Chris Manzo gave their Uncle Jamie a hard time for retweeting compliments. They accused him of retweeting negative things about Caroline and Jacqueline.

When Jamie explained he was just so excited and didn’t see any insults (I remember one about Caroline’s hat) Albie said this to Jamie

Just pointing out how this family works.  Caroline Manzo said Dina wants Chris to divorce Jacqueline in order for her brother to have a relationship with her.  I find that hard to believe.  I think Dina meant she will have a relationship with Chris and not Jacqueline.  Caroline also said on Watch What Happens Live there are family members that Dina never met and she [Dina] skipped out on other milestones and graduations and hypocritically mentioned SHE did not invite Dina to Lauren’s engagement party.  Caroline also said she walked right passed Nicolas at a wedding.  Dina denied this;  

Caroline also seems to forget she does not get along with all her brothers or sisters either. As sad as this is, there is a brother that does not talk to Caroline and a nephew of hers passed away, they had Caroline’s name and a few others omitted from the obituary. from stoopidhousewives    Chris’s nephew (the son of the brother he is in partnership with) died suddenly last fall, which would have been after the taping of Season Two of RHONJ. Tragically he was only 25 and he also worked for Signature. Read Frankie Laurita’s obit:

LAURITA… Frankie Laurita, born December 5, 1982, of Manhattan and formerly of Westport, passed away suddenly on October 5, 2008. He is survived by his adoring parents, Joseph and Adele Laurita of Westport; brother, Joey Laurita of Santa Monica, CA; and sister, Michele Laurita of Stamford. Frankie is also survived by his loving grandparents, Frank and Dell Petrone of Westport; uncles, Nick Petrone of CT, Jaime Laurita of IL, Chris Laurita of NJ, Anthony Laurita of NJ; and aunt, Ann Ricks of PA. Friends may pay their respects on Wednesday, October 8, 2008 from 2:00-4:00 and 6:00-8:00 p.m. at the Shaughnessy-Banks Funeral Home, 50 Reef Rd. in Fairfield. Entombment services will take place on Thursday, October 9, 2008 at 1:00 p.m. directly at Oaklawn Cemetery Mausoleum, 1530 Bronson Rd. in Fairfield. Memorial donations may be directed to: St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital, 501 St. Jude Place, Memphis, TN 38105, or To send an online condolence, please visit us at www. shaughnesseyfuneralhome. com. Frankie brought joy and laughter to all who knew him and his smile will be forever remembered. Half the family (including Caroline and Dina and possibly their parents and a few other sibs) were left out of the memorial. Chris and Jacqueline’s newborn son’s middle name is in memory of their nephew. NOTE: It’s terrible when a family falls apart like that, and it happens far too often, but Caroline’s bemoaning the fact that Jacqueline would cause their parents’ to suffer because she sided with a “friend” on the first season (Danielle) is pretty incredible, considering just how dysfunctional the Laurita family really is. Chris stood up to side with his wife against his bullying sisters.

While Caroline says she doesn’t care about TV and “wants her family back” and that Dina should get off twitter… Let’s be fair here. Jacqueline has attacked Dina on twitter before, Jacqueline has told stories about Dina to Reality TV and LynnNchicago not to mention tweeted this about season 7.

click to see original tweet

click to see original tweet

Dina Manzo posted a video on her blog basically saying that her issues with Jacqueline are not a family matter and not for entertainment. I know Dina is not Zen but I agree with her here. Dina also said she can’t see how her brother (Chris Laurita) and her sister Caroline allows Jacqueline to keep attacking her but blame her (Dina for everything) you can watch it on Dina’s website


Jacqueline had this to say to Caroline for speaking up.. Too bad Jacqueline doesn’t realize that she is causing the hurt.

Jacqueline of course tweeted during the reunion and announced she would be and it’ entertaining.

Jacqueline had this to say about Dina saying Chris didn’t come to Lexi’s graduation and of course had to comment on the Giudice and Wakile saga that’s Jaco for ya.
Jacqueline Laurita  tweets

How is this one for manipulation?  Remember when Caroline said this to Jacqueline Season 1 and Jacqueline said, “Oh Please”? Jacqueline you’re the one tearing their family apart. Keep tweeting.

jac tweet hurts fam manipulation

Remember when Ashlee said her own mother loves insert herself in drama? This has nothing to do with Jacqueline at all.

Season 4

Dina did respond to a couple of Jacqueline’s tweets.

Jacqueline Laurita Instigating Tweet

I do believe Jacqueline uses her son as a pawn.


Dina Manzo Tweet To Jacqueline  

For once I agree with Dina. 

Caroline, tell your sister in law, Jacqueline to get off twitter. While you are at it, go look at Jacqueline’s favorite tweets, they are insults to your sister. Seriously, you want your family back Mrs we are thick as thieves.. 

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