Everything Dina Manzo Does Not Want You To Know Project Ladybug Part 2

For some reason, Jacqueline Laurita decided to implicate Danielle Staub  WHO HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS! I don’t know how much more to make clear, it was tweeter Laura “Geo” who brought the initial concerns to the public’s attention in 2010. While I have someone looking more into the financials after 2010, we are going to backtrack a bit.  Don’t like it?  You don’t have to read this then – I got a couple nasty comments which I won’t get in to, I will say; you do not blame your financial irresponsibility on a dead person.  Again, NJ Consumer Affairs Looked into Project Ladybug, link is on part 1. Let this post load, there are Storify posts at the bottom.

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You saw that, “Because DS claimed her friend donated a specific amount” Have you heard this in the headlines at all? Danielle is straight shooter, she says what she says on her timeline, she doesn’t run to blogs like Jacqueline does.

There was even an interview by Carly Hall “(@prettyplusmore) who interviewed Laura along with Lynn Hudson.  Unfortunately, the interview is no longer available, however, in the interview, Laura basically explained everything she did here and what escalated things: Dina Manzo’s Actions. Don’t believe me? Ask @PrettyPlusMore 

Laura even asked Jacqueline if she had listened to the interview (Of course Jacqueline did!) and asked what she thought of it, Jacqueline answered;


Sadly, LynnNchicago’s LynnNchicago.com site is no longer up. I have most of the posts from feeds. I have not had a chance to talk to Lynn’s family, but I wanted to put Lynn’s posts back up because this internet grifter Wendy Webbe (google “Wendy Webbe“) has a habit of purchasing expired domains hoping that someone will purchase them back and/or sell it back to you for an insane amount of money. I have been wanting to ask Lynn’s family if we could get Lynn’s “LynnNchicago.com” site back up (I won’t mention the name we could use) so no grifter like Wendy Webbe could profit. Wendy is a scam artist according to some – like I said, google, “Wendy WebbeWendy Webbe

Who.is info for LynnNChicago.com purchased by Wendy Webbe

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Let’s look at Jacqueline Laurita’s History and you come to your own conclusions.

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After Dina Manzo had her melt down in 2010 and things settled down, when Teresa Giudice appeared on Celebrity Apprentice, Jacqueline Laurita granted Lynn Hudson an interview and took it upon herself to plant rumors and offer information about Dina Manzo.

– Teresa and Dina were not really friends, Bravo TV was ready to let Teresa go, Jacqueline blabbed Teresa only made it to the final 4 of Celeb Apprentice.. 

Hell, I will post the text from the interview.  The whole interview is here.  I only my watermark on it, because as I said in my previous posts, many new bloggers have tried to insert themselves and act as if they have inside sources – it’s really aggravating when people act like they have sources when in reality, they are making shit up. Orange text is note from moi.

— Start Of Interview–

Jacqueline on the Teresa / Melissa Battle – Keep in mind, Jacqueline and Teresa had already had their falling out, why Jacqueline decided once again to insert herself.. 
“Last season when Teresa’s two family members joined the show, Jacqueline tells me [Lynn] that  she was supportive of Teresa but suggested that she do things differently. ”I told her she  should call Melissa and try to fix things before filming” Jac said, “she held out on signing her contract until the day before filming started, the Christening was the first  day of filming and she was threatening not to sign”

I asked Jacqueline the all important question, When did  Teresa find out that Melissa and Kathy were joining the show? ”She knew many months  before filming started but she was playing hard ball, Bravo was playing hard ball too, even though Teresa said that she knew Bravo needed her, they were ready to let her go” Jac responded, “she wanted more money and other negotiations were going on but  she finally signed”Jac went on, “Obviously there was a lot of bad blood before filming started and Teresa was angry that Melissa and Kathy were on the show, then to walk up and be all sweet  at the Christening, everyone knew it was fake so how were they going to react? But viewers didn’t know all that, they only saw Teresa being nice and her brother being upset and angry”“I didn’t agree with Joe Gorga calling his sister “garbage” and I told him that I thought he needed to apologize to Teresa.”

Note: Teresa did note in her Bravo TV blog; yes, she was angry that her family did join the show behind her back, after talking to them eventually, she agreed to film with them. I don’t know how to make this clear: Who wants to bring your family drama on TV? We know Jacqueline, Melissa Gorga and Kathy Wakile have no issue doing so, but normal person would want that? Call me bias, I don’t care.  Would it be better if Teresa would have pretended that she and her brother Jow and sister in law Melissa Gorga had a perfect relationship? No! I do remember Teresa saying after she agreed to film, she and her brother & Melissa agreed to film and not air their issues – so it shocked Teresa when her brother flipped out like that. 

Jacqueline and Teresa
“Jacqueline and Teresa were still very much friends when Season Three began to film.

Teresa would call me asking for advice but  then she would never take it” Jac told me, “She told me that I didn’t understand because  it wasn’t my family but I did understand because our family went through a similar situation. I got endless phone calls that were all about Teresa, I was going through some things too but Teresa never even asked about me or my family, it was always all about her. I really didn’t mind that much because I am always happy to help people and listen
to them” Jacqueline went on, “Teresa wanted me to call them (Melissa and Joe) out on screen,  she wanted me to join her against her family but that’s not who I am, I try to be friendly with everyone. Teresa felt taken down and blind-sided but I wanted to welcome her family, I kept telling her to be nice but instead she kept being nasty and snippy with them.” Jac went on to tell me “I called Melissa to welcome her to the show and she has asked  me for advice about filming or where to shop, or anything, I was happy to help her.”Jacqueline became very disheartened by Teresa when some business deals were involved  As with all of the Housewives, Jacqueline has been presented with offers to  promote products and services. ”I called Teresa to tell her about it and get her advice,  that is what we both did” Jacqueline said, “she was supportive and helpful when she was talking to me, then I found out later that she called them and screamed at them  asking why they offered it to me instead of her. This kind of thing happened a lot and I was getting pretty tired of it”.

Note: I think this was producers causing issues, this is another post on it’s on for another day! 

“Teresa is friends with Kim D who hates Melissa yet Teresa gets angry with her friends if
they are friendly with anyone Teresa doesn’t want you to be friendly with” Jac said.
On the other hand Jac is happy for Teresa’s successes, “The cookbook was actually
supposed to be the Manzo and Laurita family cookbook but I wasn’t upset with her
about that.” Jac told me, “she took the idea and ran with it, she is a go-getter and she
makes things happen.” Jac laughed, “we talked about it but Teresa made it happen, I
have to give her credit for that.”


Celebrity Apprentice Spoiler Alert
“I asked Jacqueline if she watches Teresa on Celebrity Apprentice, “No, I haven’t had the
time and I don’t watch a lot of TV, it’s usually tuned to something for the kids or Chris” Jac added,

“I really want to see it, I have to try to catch it when it’s on a marathon or
something.” Jac went on to give us the scoop, “She makes it to the final four you know?”

Lynn said

Well no, I didn’t know that! I knew that she didn’t win the Apprentice but not that she
made it to the final four!

Jacqueline Blabbed Teresa Picked A Different Charity

Note:  For whatever  reason, Celeb Apprentice would not allow Teresa Giudice to choose Project Ladybug. I knew about this for a long time.  I was not blogging here then and this site was not up. 

Trump-cards.jpg (300×400)

“There is a Trump connection, they have the same publicist company and the charity that Teresa is playing for is also Trump’s” Jac told  me. Fascinating! Jacqueline feels that Teresa is successful on Celebrity Apprentice because she’s a really  good worker. ”If you give Teresa a job to do, she will do it, she gets things done. Teresa  is a real go-getter” Jac repeated.
From Huffington Post:

Where Teresa might make the greatest impact is in raising awareness of a rare kidney
disease. She’s advocating for an amazing, sweet 7-year-old boy, Mathew Levine, who
is suffering from focal segmental glomerulosclerosis (FSGS), a debilitating disease that
has no cure.“We met Teresa at Eric Trump’s golf event for Saint Jude’s last September,” Mathew’s
father, Michael Levine, tells me. “We went up to her with Mathew and told her his
story, and she really wanted to help us. We are a small foundation that has no face and
has an identity crisis. Teresa has got us more attention in a few weeks than we have
got in years.”
Michael says Teresa has already done a public service announcement and a press
conference for the NephCure Foundation (NephCure.org) and is also planning on
doing a fashion show in New Jersey with her children that she has asked NephCure to
be part of.
“We watch the ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ as a family every Sunday, and when she made the
check presentation, we were all jumping up and down with tears in our eyes,” Michael
says. “Teresa is an angel on Mathew’s shoulders.”
This confirms what Jacqueline told us, Teresa’s Celebrity Apprentice charity NephCure

Neph Cure Foundation is near and dear to Trump  and that Teresa may have chosen it with a little nudge from Trump’s people as she met  this family at a Trump event. Regardless of why she chose it, it is an excellent charity.
Jacqueline confirmed that Dina Manzo had hopes that Teresa would chose her charity, “Project Ladybug” and that it would explain why Dina broke her vow to avoid all of the Jersey Housewives and film with Teresa.

The Interview Continues;

“Filming with Family Jacqueline told me they filmed just four more days of Season Four after season three’s reunion was filmed. In other words Season Four was just about finished before Season
three even finished airing. Jacqueline chose not to film the reunion show but Bravo has been very understanding about it, they know that she was very stressed out and going through a tough time in her life. Jacqueline told me that there is no anger toward her from Bravo for her decision and she will appear later this season with Andy on Watch What Happens Live.
Around the time of last season’s reunion, I spoke with Jacqueline and she was adamant that she would not return for Season Five under any circumstances but today things
have changed. ”Where I was in my life at the time, that’s how I felt but you know how  things change, anything can happen” Jac said, “we’re all just trying to get through this season then we’ll see what happens”
Back when filming first started with Teresa’s family, “Teresa tried to control the show and how things happened, but I became friends with Melissa, I tried to help her and Kathy since they were new on the show” Jac told me.
“Kathy is very sweet, I really like her. She isn’t fake at all, she’s helped me by getting involved with some of my charity events and it’s not just for show because even when they’re not filming, she gets involved and gives it her all” Jacqueline said. As for Jacqueline’s relationship with Melissa, “I like her, she’s very sweet. We don’t  hang out together all the time but we see each other now and then.”

Jacqueline brought up Dina Manzo, she told me that her sister-in-law doesn’t speak to  any of the Housewives, “Dina doesn’t talk to any of us anymore, she decided to stay  away from all of us that were involved with the show, she wanted to be on her own”. Before I could ask about Dina’s involvement with Teresa Jacqueline offered, “Teresa reached out to Dina and I still don’t know why Dina agreed to film with her, they’re not friends now.”  I asked Jacqueline what she thought of Dina’s show, “well, it got picked up for another season.” was all I could get out of her.” see full interview here, original is no longer up!

— End Of Interview — 

The reason I mentioned this interview, as you can see JACQUELINE WOULD BRING UP DINA MANZO, Jacqueline put rumors out there that Teresa and Dina were no longer friends; if that were true, how would Jacqueline know?  Neither one of them want nothing to do with her at the time.  Jacqueline was talking to allot of blogs back then.  Also notice how Lynn said; “Around the time of last season’s reunion, I spoke with Jacqueline”  As you see, Jacqueline and Lynn talked allot, I can’t find the post, you are going to have to take my word for it and also since Reality Tea had an insider say similar things about Project Ladybug. In a post titled at, Reality Tea,

UPDATE – RHONJ’s Jacqueline Laurita Admits She Skipped Reunion Due To Breakdown! Dina & Caroline Manzo Still Not Speaking; PHOTOS From Kathy’s Vodka Launch! (Click to read full post!)

After (Jacqueline) speaking with Reality Tea why she did not go to the reunion, Reality Tea cites another source.  Now, Jacqueline may not have told Reality Tea this directly and may have had someone else relay this message;

Little Mrs Charity……is not who everyone thought she was,” our source asserts. “Dina’s social media image is SO far fetched from who the ‘real’ Dina is. Those who really know her just shake their heads and laugh.”

If you’re wondering if Dina and Caroline Manzo have patched things up, the answer is no. They’re still not speaking; nor is Dina speaking to Jacqueline. Many have wondered how Dina could continue her friendship with Teresa, particularly after all the drama with Caroline, and the answer is money! Apparently, the two have a completely business relationship built around mutual favors.

“Teresa taped a segment for her party planning show, Dina’s Party. She needs Teresa to help her with her popularity. In return, Dina attended her beverage launch party and was filmed by Bravo. Their interaction was so fake,” the insider describes. “Dina also wants to come out with a book and she wants to use the same publishing house as Teresa. So, basically it is a business deal. Dina may take to Twitter to praise Teresa but, that is not what she claims behind the scene.”

And even worse, our insider says Dina has stopped caring about her charity, Project Ladybug, now that she has her own show! “Project Ladybug was a charity started by ALL the Laurita sisters. When Dina went on the show [RHONJ], she took it over as if she was the founder and the blood, sweat, and tears behind it.”

“She wanted the glory and the attention associated with Project Ladybug. She wanted to look like the hero,” the source adds. Caroline and their other sister,Cookie Laurita allowed Dina to take the lead and downplayed their involvement, but Dina “only speaks of Project Ladybug as if it were her own.”

Apparently, now that Dina’s Party has come along, Dina barely spends any time on the charity she once claimed to love, and has skipped events to promote her party planning and decorating ventures. The source points to Dina’s twitter account as proof that she has lost interest in the charity. “It is sad but Dina used it to get herself out there more,” the source shares.

Dina made a brief appearance at the Chicago launch of the charity last year and has done nothing more to support the cause. “Dina did nothing for that event but, show up,” the source adds. source

Now, I would never expect or even consider Realtiy Tea to tell their source, but this very similar to what Lynn’s source had said in her posts when a conversation with Jacqueline would come up.  Such as an accessory line started by Caroline Manzo that never got off the ground. The logo was a Ladybug  Why would Danielle in 2012 say this? Or even in 2010? Perhaps Jacqueline told Danielle these things hoping Danielle would blab it, let’s not twist this into something it is not.  Danielle HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS.   There is a small chance Danielle could have shared this; but think of this: How would Danielle know? Caroline could not stand Danielle.  Matter in fact, when the accusations began; as I pointed out in this post when sticking up for Dina, I asked; who would want to reconcile with family who wants to blab your business (Jacqueline) I don’t care why the reason the Lauritas and Dina do not speak to be frank, I witnessed Jacqueline Laurita many times act crazy on twitter and then try to send out disturbing messages to the same people – as much as I am pissed off at Dina for bringing up Lynn Hudson, I would not want anything to do with Jacqueline either.

As far Dina, Part 3, we will finish with the Financials and get into why St. Joe’s and NOT Dina started to collect money at events.

In the meantime, we will leave you with her delusional tweets, I have someone looking over the financials. As you know, anytime a charity refuses to give financial information or not post it on their website – RED FLAG




Also, Dina says, “many sick children “devastated” by what Lynn said? 1. Did you tell these kids this, Dina? Remember, there was concern because you were helping one family at the time that you were highly publicizing which was nice, however, remember, the concern was: IF so much was going to administrative costs, why not give the money directly to St. Joes?


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