Ashlee Holmes Makes Tasteless Ebola Joke

Asslee Holmes. Ashley Holmes who changed the spelling of her name to, Ashlee Holmes” is at again, the 24 year old obviously aged since she appeared on the first season on, The Real Housewives Of New Jersey, but never actually grew up. When Ashlee is not trying to get a rise out of her Step Father’s (Chris Laurita), sister, Dina Manzo on her Social Media accounts, Ashlee has turned to making tasteless jokes about Ebola.

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Ashlee Holmes Ebola Instagram

My birthday wish to my Daddy… his birthday is tomorrow

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The Instagram Post appears to be a text message exchange with her father, John Madison Holmes aka Matt Holmes;

Ashlee asks her father;

“You’re turning 43 or 44?”

Ashlee’s father replies;


Ashlee replies;


“Don’t get Ebola. “

Ashlee’s father sent what appears to a photo from a Fox News, titled, “Five Dallas ISD students in contact with Ebola patient now monitored”

After receiving many angry responses from people calling the 24 year old; Immature, hateful, uneducated etc. Ashlee stated on her Instagram;

ashleeholmes People need to calm down. Stop taking life so seriously. Just be a good person. That’s it. Just because you make jokes doesn’t make you a hateful person. People get sick. People die. That’s life. It sucks. You can hep them out and do what you can. Raise awareness and what not. I’m not saying “HEY IF YOU HAVE EBOLA…….. FUCK YOU”. I’m just making a light hearted joke in a text with my Dad that I then shared on MY Instagram page. This isn’t Fox News or CNN… and again I’m not making light of the situation. I’m just not being so serious and depressing about it. If you’re that concerned about it… buy yourself a ticket to Africa and go help out with the epidemic.

Ashlee received many angry responses and blocked anyone who called her out; if you have plans to do so –  make sure you tell Aslee you are a “fan”, now you can only see comments calling her out like this;

“I’m not a hater and don’t even mind her comment, but to put it on social media is being unsympathetic to a very real and tragic disease” or comments condoning Asslee’s comment.


Ebola is not a laughing matter.  It is still not known how it  spreads.  It was thought at first Ebola could only transferred like HIV Virus and AIDS are.  Thomas Duncan known as “Patient Zero”  the first person in America who had the Ebola Virus in America died last week, October 8, 2014.  Thomas was infected with Ebola after  helping a woman get in to a cab who had the Ebola Virus. Read the Daily Mail to learn how Thomas Duncan spent his final days — it’s a sad story.  Ebola is not funny or a laughing matter — Ashlee.

Thomas Eric Duncan

Should we be surprised Ashlee Holmes is making a joke about the Ebola Epidemic in the first place?  Look at the parents: Not only is Jacqueline Laurita known for her twitter tantrums and immature behavior, Ashlee’s father, John Madison Holmes, was arrested along with his wife, Jodi Sue Holmes, for suspicion of arson.  Of course, Jacqueline and Ashlee blamed it on a disgruntled employee, according to the Houston Press,

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As the ashes smoldered and cooled, Holmes told investigators that the blaze erupted 30 to 45 minutes after he had dropped off some building supplies with contractors. Since then, authorities claim, a “credible witness” has come forward, one who claims to have seen Holmes dousing the structure in both gasoline and kerosene and then torching the place.
The Holmes Mug ShotsThe fire marshal had already suspected arson, as he could find no other way to explain the blaze.

The credible witness according to Ashlee and Jacqueline, was a “disgruntles employee”, according to investigators, the couple received an insurance settlement for over $400,000 and purchased went on a shopping spree for items such as; jewelry, clothes and plastic surgery just in time for the couple to make an appearance on, The Real Housewives Of New Jersey!  Hey, gotta look your best when you’re staging an intervention for your (soon to be?) husband’s daughter that refuses to grow up

With Parents Like This -

With Parents Like This –

Jacqueline of course took to her Bravo TV blog to “defend” her ex husband and it back fired;

Do you know what I found disgusting? Teresa’s last blog! Teresa was so upset with me that she brought up my ex-husband, the father of my child, hoping to hurt me. At the time of my ex-husband’s arrest, there were a lot of crazy allegations against him. Right after Teresa and I started fighting, the story about my ex-husband suspiciously leaked all over the press. It was an unfortunate situation because, in the end, after my ex passed a few lie detector tests, the FBI dropped the investigation against him. What had originally led to his arrest had been lies started by a fired, disgruntled ex-employee/nanny of his who they found out has a history of being corrupt, including having lived under nine different aliases. My ex-husband, Matt Holmes, and his wife, Jody, are INNOCENT! Teresa knew the deal (contrary to how she made it sound), yet when the heat was on her, she conveniently tried to put the heat on someone else. Deflection and projection are her specialty. This is what she does. She has a history of blaming others for the exact thing that SHE is guilty of doing.

For one, it was not Teresa who leaked the story, it was a blogger at the time contributed at LynnNChicago’s site, Kathleen/Quincy IL Praire, posted the article, I believe it was either in the comment section or her own blog or it was Lynn’s blog, I can’t remember exactly, but when Lynn found something out – it usually went viral.  And Lynn could not stand Teresa!  Anyhow, a FBI lie detector test will not implicate or make your innocent.  As Jacqueline tried to say; it was the disgruntled ex-employee/nanny who they found out has a history of being corrupt “ (the jokes write themselves!) set her ex husband up” despite purchasing everything but a house; clothes, jewelry and plastic surgery with the insurance money and claiming her husband was “cleared” at the time, the DemocratWeather shot back;

Though a family member publicly stated last week that an FBI investigation against a man accused of setting fire to his Parker County house last year for $429,000 in insurance money has been dropped, the Parker County District Attorney’s office confirmed Thursday that they are continuing to pursue charges.

“It was an unfortunate situation because, in the end, after my ex passed a few lie detector tests, the FBI dropped the investigation against him,” Laurita wrote in the June 27 entry.

Though investigator Ken Dabbs with the Parker County Fire Marshal’s Office confirmed last year that the FBI was involved in the insurance fraud investigation, no federal charges against Holmes have been filed as of this week.

An FBI spokeswoman said Thursday she could not confirm or deny there is or was any investigation involving Holmes.

It get’s better;

Dabbs, who already believed the fire to be intentionally set after finding no electrical shorts or other reasonable cause, was contacted on May 20, 2011, by an insurance representative, who had received a tip that Holmes was involved in the fire.

The family nanny implicated Holmes, saying that Holmes was going to pay her $5,000 from the insurance money, according to the arrest warrant affidavit.

The nanny reportedly said Holmes told her that he was going to buy a house in her name, burn it and give her even more money, Dabbs wrote.

Holmes allegedly told her he used kerosene and gasoline to start the fire in three rooms and that “the local fire marshal was dumb because he thought the propane (in the house) is what started the fire,” according to the affidavit.

Dabbs wrote that Holmes was the only person he spoke with about the propane.

Holmes had previously attempted to burn down the house using a trash can with unknown contents but it didn’t work, the woman reportedly told officials.

She reportedly found out the fire was an arson on May 14, according to the affidavit.

I know don’t if Matt was ever charged, but the point is: With parents like this, should we be surprised with Ashlee’s immaturity? 

Ashlee Holmes Parents