Parks vs Stanton: Phaedra Parks Ordered To Sit For Deposition AGAIN

Last we left off was on Parks vs Stanton, (Phaedra Parks vs Angela Stanton), Phaedra’s attorney, Paul Andrews responded to Angela Stanton‘s Attorney, James Radford,  “Motion To Compel” for not cooperating during her deposition. If you missed that, click here to read my rebuttal.   On October 10, 2014, it was ordered at that Phaedra Parks must re take her deposition in 10 days.

10-10-2014 Parks


Read: Parks vs Stanton, Phaedra Parks Answers Motion To Compel

I know there are some people who are not happy with me because I am defending Angela Stanton – that is okay.  Please know; I respect your opinion and decision, please respect mine. As strongly as you feel, know that I feel the same as well-  it’s just the opposite. I read, “Real Lies of A Housewife, “Tell The Truth and Shame The Devil“, as I stated many times before; Angela gave a detailed account on how the schemes were doneWhen the book came out, anyone (Hip Hop Enquirer, Stooopid Housewives, LynnNChicago etc!)  who dared to discuss the book was sent a C&D and told to legal action would be taken if the posts were not taken down – it did not matter if it was just a discussion.  They were then told to tell their readers it was all lies – this was just for DISCUSSING the book.  Then you had websites calling Angela a liar and claiming Angela was obsessed – but that was okay.  I am not going to get in to it any further because it’s redundant. You can read see our previous coverage here. 

Here is Parks answer to Stanton’s  Motion To Compel, be sure to view this post, I did not put it on that post because I can’t get it to load over there.


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