Hollywood Divas Is Exactly Like Nicci Gilbert’s R&B Divas: LA

When we published,  Is Todd Tuckers, “Hollywood Divas” A Knock Off Of R&B Divas?” We learned: Not only is Tv One’s, Hollywood Divas a knock off so is R&B Divas: LA – R&B DIVAS: LA Is Not Phillip Thornton‘s as he claims it’s Nicci Gilbert’s.

We tweeted the following to  @Phillionare  Phillip Thornton (if have no idea what I’m talking about, read this post)

At the time, I did not realize I was referring to R&B Divas: LA and not Hollywood Divas because, hell, it is confusing!  Speaking of Phil Thornton, it appears that R&B Divas: LA is actually  Nicci Gilbert‘s creativity and idea – watch the video below.

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I am also told by a source;

” Phil Thornton didn’t create anything it is All Nicci Gibert ideas & concepts & creativity.  He just stuck his name on R&B Divas [LA] !!”

It’s my understanding from reading, AlwaysAlist.com there is a case in court between Nicci Gilbert and producers.  Let’s just say if producers would “win” — they still stole someone else’s idea and slapped their name on it! Don’t believe me? Watch the video below.

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So not only is Todd Tucker shady, so are you Phillip Thornton. Shame on you both.