Frankenfake Exposes Syfy Network Face Off

I had the pleasure of being able to view the, “Frankenfake”  documentary by Steven Escobar.  Frankenfake is a documentary that exposes the truth of what went on behind the scenes involving  a talented special effects makeup artist, Joe Castro who did work for TV shows such as Roseanne – yes  Roseanne Barr. 

Joe work

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With out giving too much away, Joe Castro made the biggest mistake of his life by joining a “competition show” on the Syfy Network called, Face Off.  Joe tells his story through interviews,  real footage, and reenactments.   Frankenfake will show what lead to Castro leaving the series and how the producers  tried to keep Joe quiet about the whole thing, including chasing him for four miles.


Things immediately started off on the wrong foot with Joe Castro regarding the contracts.  Truthfully, I would have ran like hell, but being that Joe’s “friend” was a part of production.. who would think your “friend” would screw you over? And want to own Joe’s work? Yeah.. Messed up.   Things that happened in this documentary should never have happened and I will never understand how Networks and Production Companies get away with it.  Quite frankly, Syfy and Production of Face Off  should be ashamed of themselves — but they are not.  We here at Reality TV Scandals have told you all for months; Reality TV and  most Reality TV Competition like shows are not Reality.  Syfy Network’s, Faceoff was to be a competition show; the documentary proves the winner was picked from the beginning.  Scratch that, Joe Castro was not part of  the true competition show.  I bet you are scratching your head right now saying, “huh”? Exactly! You have to watch to understand.

I can’t stand bullies!  I was a firm believer that only children were victims of bullies — not until I watched Frankenfake.  Production used intimidation tactics such as: chasing Joe for four miles (video proof in documentary) filed a restraining order based on lies; thankfully a judge eventually threw it out, held his medication and last but not least, the whole show was rigged and took the term, “Frankenbyte” to a whole new low.

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For the first time Steven Escobar and Joe Castro expose what really went on behind the scenes of Face Off and I am honored that I was able to watch the documentary.  Frankenfake also is an eye opener to those who want Reality TV Stardom as well.  Check out trailer below.

You can watch the whole documentary here.

It’s important to note, we reached out to Syfy Network and have not heard from them.