Judge Esther Salas Admonishes Joe and Teresa Giudice At Sentencing For Lying About Assets

 Judge Esther Salas Admonishes Joe and Teresa Giudice At Sentencing For Lying About Assets

Update: Joe Giudice was sentenced to 53 Months – Tersesa Is Still Awaiting Sentencing

Update 2: According Northjersey.com and not the AP, Joe Giudice is sentenced to 43 months (type perhaps by the ap) + 2 years of supervised release. Judge Esther Salas ordered Joe to pay restitution of $414,588.

Update 3: I am speechless! Joe and Tersesa showed up in court in a Mercedes.




According to NJ.com Judge Esther Salas admonished the couple, Joe and Teresa Giudice for only claiming $25, 000 assets when their insurance policy was for $1 million dollars and with all the inconsistencies is makes it hard for her to be lenient.  Joe Giudice attorney noted Joe Giudice father had just passed and he has not been the same sine.

The judge called out the Bravolebrities for a “pattern of deception, dishonesty and concealment,” which she found to be “intentional” on the part of the couple, who she said was “not transparent in the least” in their legal wrangling.

“How is it that at this point the court is having to go over this?” the bewildered judges asked the reality TV stars’ legal team, who said that the Giudices had given all of their financial details to an accountant they had hired.

Joe Giudice and Teresa Giudice  had pleaded guilty in March (see plea agreements) admitting they hid assets from bankruptcy creditors and submitted phony loan applications to get some $5 million in mortgages and construction loans.
Under federal sentencing guidelines, Joe Giudice faces a potential sentence of 37 to 46 months and Teresa Giudice could get 21 to 27 months, though the judge could deviate up or down from those ranges. Lawyers for Teresa Giudice, 42, remain hopeful that she may be spared a prison sentence and instead receive probation, noting the need to care for the couple’s four young daughters.
Joe Giudice, an Italian citizen, could be deported after his prison term is completed. His attorney has said Giudice came to the US as an infant and didn’t know he wasn’t an American citizen.
Both Giudices pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud and three types of bankruptcy fraud. Joe Giudice, 43, also pleaded guilty to failing to file a tax return for 2004, though he acknowledged he didn’t file taxes on income of approximately $1 million from 2004 to 2008.

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TMZ reported Earlier

Teresa has filed legal docs in which she argues for NO jail time.  She says the judge should not be influenced by her role in “RHONJ” because “The image is little more than a carefully crafted fiction, engineered by Bravo TV through scripted lines and clever editing.”

She also says she and Joe have 4 young daughters. Joe — who will almost certainly be sentenced Thursday to prison — is now  also subject to deportation.  Teresa says if she goes to prison, the girls will likely have to be split up because no one relative can take all 4.

And Teresa says … she’s more than happy to forfeit any ill-gotten money from the wire fraud if she gets to skate. She says she’s willing to do community service and accept home detention.

And finally Teresa says she does a lot of charity work with sick kids and others, and she can be more useful in the community than behind bars.

Here’s the problem. The sentencing guidelines provide for a prison sentence of somewhere between 21 and 27 months.  She’s gunning for mercy

Sentencing still has not happened, in the meantime take a look at the Giudice Time Line that lead the Giudices to where they are today: Federal Court awaiting sentencing. Also, take a look at the court records.

Giudice Court Documents Bankruptcy -Indictment – Sentencing Documents – Keep Scrolling.. 

Giudice: Doc 1  October 29, 2009 Teresa and Joe Giudice File For Bankruptcy

Giudice Doc 1-1 October 29, 2009 Giudices Income Claim 

Giudice: Doc 17   December 03, 2009 Community Bank Of Bergen County Responds To Giudice Bankruptcy 

Giudice: Doc 17- 1 December 04, 2014 Community Bank Of Bergen County Affidavit 

Giudice: Doc 24 December 17, 2009 Schedule A Real Estate Property 

Giudice:  Doc 40 January 8, 2010 Schedule B Personal Property 

Giudice:  July 29, 2013 Teresa and Joe Giudice Indictment 

Giudice: Doc 154 October 13, 2013  Trustee Notifies Working On Final Report 

Giudice:  Doc 175  August 27, 2014 Trustee Final Account And Distribution Report 

Giudice: Doc 176  September 29, 2014 Bankruptcy Case Offiicially Dismissed/Denied 

Giudice: February 24, 2014 Joe and Teresa Giudice Plea Agreements 


Giudice: Doc 1 January 29, 2010  Complaint By Trustee To Determine Bankruptcy Discharge (Matsropole)



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