Andy Cohen Has A Divatude When Asked About Aviva Drescher

Page Six published a post regarding Andy Cohen and his attitude that has disappeared and many are scratching their heads to why?  The post that appeared on PageSix which can be found here on now on the web cache.  Under the Copyright Fair Use Act (critiquing) we can show you what the article said;

A source says the flamboyant TV personality [Andy Cohen] was an hour and 20 minutes late to the Advertising Week seminar he headlined on Monday at the Liberty Theater, where Mario Batali, Jessica Alba and Dominique Ansel also spoke.

When Cohen was asked if Bravo raised its ad rates when Aviva Drescher made TV history by throwing her prosthetic leg across the dining room at Le Cirque, Cohen seemed flustered. “I’m not going to talk about that,” Cohen said before storming off to a waiting car.

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Here is your answer:

Andy Cohen



1.  Aviva Drescher was fired.  Rather you liked Aviva or not — Aviva was doing her job.  Do you think Aviva pulled that, “Your book had a ghost writer” out of her leg? Pun Intended! NO! As we told you before, Andy Cohen only cares about his friends on Bravo TV such as; Bethenny, Carole Radzilwill and Nene Leakes, that is why it would be irresponsible for Andy Cohen to “save The Real Housewives Of New York”  Rather get into that, you can read it here.

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2. The Shas Of Sunset Production went on strike, it is only a matter of time until Reality TV Participants stand together and say, “No more working us  like the child labor laws in China” The networks make millions of dollars off these “Reality” TV Shows.  Calling them, “Reality” is a big fat lie.  While the story lines may revolve the Reality TV Participants life; it’s far from Reality.  Scenes are; heavily edited, drama induced by producers, fake stories planted by production, half the scenes have Frankebyting going on and scenes are even re enacted. The most obvious episode in Bravo TV history was the episode of Kim Zolciak on, Don’t Be Tardy, giving birth to twins.  We understand that cameras can not just follow you and hope for the best; however, lying to your audience by saying this is real especially when things like this happens is not cool.   How about you  pay your “TALENT” that makes you millions of dollars fair wages and put a subtitle, “re enacted scene” like you like to do when you Frankenbyte.

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3. Speaking of Andy Cohen and favoritism; let’s talk about Andy Cohen and Favortism

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Lately, Bethenny is telling anyone who listen while pretending to not want answer, she and Andy are working on projects. Bethenny says; “Andy has a production company now” (Most Talkative) Here is the audio and transcript.  Bethenny may not return to a show, but Bethenny and Andy are working on projects because Bethenny is Andy are friends.

Anyone who is friends with Andy seems to land projects: Nene Leakes; Do I need to give examples?  Here is one you may not have noticed; Look how out of nowhere Anderson Cooper was promoting Nene Leakes.. Oh,, that’s right, Anderson is friends with Andy! Dina Manzo; despite boring to watch forging her ex’s signature was allowed to return and appeared on WWHL, before she had her show on HGTV, “Dinas Party” (ratings flop) Carole Radziwill; Despite No Story-line whatsoever still on cast of The Real Housewives Of New York , Lisa Vanderpump; Spin off, Vanderpump Rules. It’s rumored Lisa will get another spin off, Pump.

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I am not being bias when I say this either, I happen to like a few like of the above.

The point in all this is:

– The only way to make it big on the Bravo TV Network is to be friends with Andy Cohen –  unless you get lucky like Teresa Giudice to the point where it’s obvious Andy does not like you, then again, did Teresa really get lucky? Her brother, sister in law and cousin were hired behind her back.

– Nothing will change for the Reality TV industry —  unless laws are changed and or Reality TV Particpants go on strike the Shas Of Sunset Production did. The only problem is: There is always someone out there looking for their 15 minutes of fame such as, Jamine Trivdevil.

– Andy Cohen does not like to be questioned– you see the article from page six is down.