Is Todd Tuckers, “Hollywood Divas” A Knock Off Of R&B Divas?


A few weeks ago I was looking for something that had nothing to do with R&B Divas or the “New” Show to debut on TV One,Hollywood Divas” supposedly by Todd Tucker, Kandi Burruss‘s husband. Then I found these tweets by @Phillioniare aka Phil Thornton who is the Executive Producer of R&B Divas.

Update: I was just informed, Funky Dineva wrote about this as well) 

All the tweets are in the Storify, for some reason,  you’ll see I even commented, although late. I also forgot about the lawsuits too. You can read about them in the links below.
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For some reason tweets are not loading on the website that is why they are here on the Storify, if you can’t see them all – you may have to scroll.

I don’t know what the status of the lawsuit is, all I can say I can say after reading these two other posts; THIS ALL SOUNDS SHADY!

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Sounds like someone snatched R&B Divas and R&B DIVAS:LA idea too.. Ahem..  Phil..  the man throwing shade. Don’t get me wrong, Todd is shady too, however, Phil  clearly claims above in the tweets, “R&B Divas” was his show, when in reality it was Nicci Gilbert’s baby. This article at Sister2Sister is really sad, this shows you that when you do sign on the line saying, “you can portray me in anyway’ you never think producers are going to manipulate scenes and edit the hell out of them by cutting up scenes etc all because they are greedy and want a hit show.  Why do you think Shas Of Sunset producers are on strike? They want writers fee.

When it comes to Reality TV – Don’t play that game.

On another note, I had to laugh when I saw Lisa Wu aka Sharon, was apart of the cast. “Hollywood Divas” Go figure.