Richard Wakile Makes An “Important Announcement” Vows To Not Be Abusive on Twitter

Richard Wakile Makes An “Important Announcement” Vows To Not Be Abusive on Twitter

Something must have happened since this last incident when Richard Wakile was abusive to women on twitter.
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Last year, Richard Wakile apologized for calling women names such as; skank, who***, made comments about deceased parents – it was bad.  By no means am I saying what people said to Rich were innocent, however, none of the comments warranted those attacks. Normally Rich is called out when he trashes his wife’s cousin, Teresa Giudice. Most of the conversations that contained Rich’s vulgar tweets were not able to be fetched because Rich deletes his tweets. I, myself had an exchange with Rich last year, you can decide for yourself ..

[Update: I took this  Storify down because it was taking the page too long to load, you can view it here and this tweet/twitlonger here]

In July of 2013 Rich apologized for tweets like these
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Things went back to normal a couple months later after Rich apologized.  Last month, Rich asked a twitter user “Who the pedo’ was on someones profile for daring to say, “No one would know who you were if it weren’t for Teresa” We covered that on this post and the blog, LopezJlo (link in post)” documented all the tweets.. Almost two months later, Rich apologized – she forgave him. 

My question is: Why Apologize Now? What happened? Why This Important Announcement? Why draw attention to yourself with this so called “Important Announcement”?

For someone (Richard Wakile) to constantly talk like this to people while he and his family defends what he says and even his wife justify it; then to say sorry months later, actually; makes an Important Announcement” in this case,  and the pattern continues; experience tells me that something had of happened. Did Rich or Kathy get turned down an opportunity? Is this because of Kathy Wakile’s book sales are down?

Rich is apologizing again, mainly for asking user @TB5977 who the “pedo[phile]” was in her twitter profile photo for stating, “No one would know who you were if it weren’t for T [heresa Giudice”  For those of you that do not know, the way the Wakiles and Gorgas joined The Real Housewives of New Jersey was by going against Kathy’s cousin, Teresa.  Majority of the Wakiles scenes had to do with bashing their cousin.  That didn’t sit well with viewers. At the time, I wasn’t a fan of Teresa Giudice, but you could not help but to feel bad because you tend to think, “What if a family member did that to me?” What a family member wanted fame that bad and could only get it by bashing me?”   I couldn’t imagine being on a TV show and my family joined behind my back just to trash and expose me.  Not only that, Rich is active on twitter  — more than his own wife.  When you become a public figure and talk the way Rich does to people, it’s not a good look for one, and two: How old is Rich? Why does Rich always have to bring up the person’s parents? Remember the way Rosie Pierri foamed at the mouth? Oh, that’s right, Kathy went there too about her own uncle. I don’t like this family. For Rich’s wife, Kathy Wakile, to co sign his behavior does not sit well with me.  I would be mortified if my husband talked to anyone like that.

Rich made an “IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT” on twitter –  there are so many things wrong with it, in my opinion.

Check out some of the reactions;

Rich is a grown man.  That is what the Block and Mute buttons are for.  If someone is “antagonizing” nothing warrants for the foul things Rich has said to people, I’ve been to this rodeo —  here is a hint how it started; I was told by a source in December of 2012 that the Wakiles were going to pretend to have marital problems because they were not bringing anything on the show except for talking about Teresa. I tweeted it, this was before the show even aired for the season. I tweeted, “A Birdie Told me…’ [see post here] fast forward months later when The Real Housewives Of New Jersey aired, what do you know,  they faked problems. I then tweeted, “I was right, you two were boring” I tweeted it because earlier that night as you can see in the Storify’s, he was being a jerk to people, then Rich said what he said.. You can read it here. (for the 100th time, LOL!) 

It does not make a difference one way or another to me, my career or my husband’s career does not depend on it. People get nasty with me everyday for the posts I write, I don’t call their mother names and wish them dead.   Let’s see how long this lasts – remember, don’t antagonize him, *EyeRoll*  Rich’s behavior is similar to an abuser, when an abuser apologizes – you’re suppose to accept it according to them and of course, puts blame on others.

Their son, Joseph Wakile who is 18 now is already starting to follow in his fathers foot steps, he was 17 when he tweeted this.. 

rich 6

How long long Rich’s “Important Announcement Last” – I don’t buy it. 

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