Kathy Wakile Dessert Book Promotion Should Not Be About Teresa Giudice + Kathy Wakile’s Book Sales

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Kathy Wakile Dessert Book Promotion Fail

Kathy Wakile Should Indulge In the truth and Dessert Book —  not Cousin,Teresa Giudice. 

Kathy Wakile Disastrous Dessert Book Sales So Far

Volume 1,2 and 3: Was Season 1,2 and 3, Volume 4; Social Media, Volume 5: Dessert Book Promotion Fail!

Kathy Wakile has taken the, “let’s trash my cousin”Teresa Giudice, volume 5, to promote her “Dessert Book” Indulge

Kathy Wakile (Katherina F Wakile) was demoted to friend of the Housewives this season, because, well, let’s face it; Kathy was and still is boring, Kathy used and still uses her cousin Teresa as a story line.  Kathy’s husband, Richard Wakile is a vulgar pig — mainly to women of course, because you know Rich would never talk to a man like he does to women, don’t believe me?  You can read all about that here, calling Rich is “vulgar pig” is not an exaggeration, it’s mild considering what Rich has called women in past.

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Now, Kathy will have you believe she left the show to focus on her book which is a crock of you know what.  We have been over this a hundred times: When a Housewife is either demoted or not asked to return, Andy Cohen has stated many times; they as in Bravo TV allows the person to handle it any way they want, meaning; they  (fired or demoted Housewives like Kathy Wakile!) can say why they left on their own.  Let’s keep it real: Kathy was only asked back because Andy and Bravo TV like her Sister Rosie Pierri.  Over the past couple of weeks, we saw this reason to be true, thus far, Rosie has gotten more screen time than Kathy.  Last Year, Rich tweeted it was B.S. when asked if Kathy was demoted on the show.

Richard Wakile Don't Believe The B.S. When Asked If Wife Kathy Wakile Was DEMOTED - Click To See Original Conversation Before Rich Deletes

On the other hand, Rosie had no story line either, recently Ellen Minkin, Faux Girlfriend to Rosie came forward and told the truth about their relationship — Rosie needed a story line.

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Viewers have heard for some time about this “Dessert Book”and Dessert Line”  that was to come about from Kathy. First is was the over priced Cannoli Kits (Don’t count on a Cannoli  recipe in Kathy’s book, you’ll have to buy a overpriced kit!)

Photo Credit

Photo Credit: FameWhorgas (Click) An actual screen shot of an attempt to order Kathy Wakile Cannoli Kit

Now comes Kathy’s Dessert Book, ‘Indulge” Perhaps since the Cannoli Kit was a failure, Kathy has taken to trashing her cousin again to sell some books.

Viewers were introduced to the Wakile Family  on The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Season 3. One of Rich Wakile’s first talking head interview(s) focused on trashing his wife’s cousin: Teresa Giudice . We won’t get into the back story of the Gorga’s & Wakile’s joining the show, there is a blog dedicated to that, you can read all about it here.  Richard  Wakile said what Teresa always said, The recipe’s in Teresa’s first book Skinny Italian were recipe’s from her family meaning; mother, mother in law, husband and husband’s family.  It was obvious neither Kathy, Rich, Rosie Pierri, or her brother Joe Gorga read the book because they thought they were “exposing” Teresa by saying she couldn’t cook.  Teresa said; in her book, on the show, in her blogs, she did not know how to cook until well after she was married and her mother and husband taught her how to cook.  What is the problem, Kathy? Rich? Rosie? Now, if Teresa had said she cooked all her life, that would be a different story. For some reason the Wakile’s could not comprehend what Teresa said and continue to tweet the #hashtag #realdeal when promoting their book.

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While Kathy Wakile was promoting book this week, Kathy took some shots at her cousin Teresa Giudice (again!); our comments will be in orange, we put things in perspective, at least how everything was presented to us. the viewers.

Daily News

The editor talks about how this may be Teresa’s last Christmas with the family,  the magazine states;

The cousins have had their feuds, many filmed for the Bravo reality show, but Wakile says she supports Giudice in her time of need.

I don’t believe this for minute and this is why;

“Families are there for each other in good times and bad,” Wakile tells The News. “It’s not like we’re not talking or that there’s bad feelings. We’re not avoiding each other. We just have busy lives.” Wakile adds that she’s reached out to Teresa repeatedly while they were filming. “I reached out not just once, but several times,” she says. “It was off camera. Not everything has to happen in front of the cameras. But you can’t keep offering if it’s not accepted.”

Why are you even talking about Teresa, Kathy? This is about your book, not Teresa. If the interviewer is asking you questions, you should say, ‘this is not about my cousin, this is about my book”.  You wonder why Teresa does not accept your “reaching out”, considering how you joined the show in the first place to later admit it was sneaky, you lied and said, “I could never put my family through this” oh, that’s right! There is enough pie for everyone to eat out of.. 

[Editor Says] Giudice, who declined to comment for this story, has been enjoying the end of summer with her husband and their four daughters.

Good for you Teresa, keep on declining. It’s not a crime that you are enjoying possibly your last summer with your girls for a while. I would live every day like it was my last also if I were in your situation. I don’t get the anger from people. People bitch if she shows photos of her and the girls at the beach. 

Wakile, meanwhile, has reason to embrace the unofficial end of summer. Her new book, “Indulge: Delicious Little Desserts That Keep Life Real Sweet,” arrives Tuesday.

According to Famewhorgas; “Kathy’s book hit shelves on September 2, 2014. Early release sales in August were less than 40 copies; sales in September as of the 6th are less than 30 copies, according to novelrank.com.

Kathy Wakile Novel Rank














Wakile insists that the emphasis on calorie-controlled portions is not a response to Teresa Giudice’s nasty prediction, made on the show, that “a dessert cookbook will never do well because everyone is watching their weight.”

Can you imagine if the situation was reversed? Kathy joined a show and released a cookbook and food line first? 

Wakile reports that Giudice turned mean the moment she learned that Wakile was writing a cookbook.  “Instead of encouraging me she started saying things or making a real point of not acknowledging me when we were all together,” says Wakile. Giudice is herself the author of several bestselling cookbooks including “Fabulicious!: Teresa’s Italian Family Cookbook.” She also just expanded her Fabulicous food line beyond pasta and condiments to include desserts.”

When exactly did you support Teresa and her books Kathy — when a camera was not around?  I would avoid you too. When your Cannoli kit came out,  Teresa tweeted in support and look what you did afterwards.


Photo Credit:  Stoopid Housewives


 Speaking of who did what first, if we want to be technical, Teresa announced first she was launching a dessert line. 

Wakile made her bones as a baker the night in 2011 when her magnificent cannoli cornucopia debuted on “ Real Housewives.” It was the finishing touch to a Thanksgiving dinner that impressed family and friends including castmates Melissa and Joe Gorga. Fans, too.

Oh that is bullshit Kathy and you know it. This was the whole purpose of you joining the show. When the episode aired of you displaying your grande Cannoli and desserts at the Faux Thanksgiving, the next scene you were in an office (appeared to be Rich’s!) saying you did a good job and “got so many compliments” that was the selling point of you starting a line.  This was before anyone knew who the hell you were. Don’t blame it on the fans. You also said several times this was your plan in defense of why joining the show, matter in fact, you rejected Teresa’s idea she could have helped publish a dessert book and that you did not have to join a show and bash your family to do so. Stop it. 

Kathy Wakile Faux Thanksgiving











From NJ.COM pizzelles are mentioned; I want to note how that happened. First off, Teresa’s book did not have a pizzelle recipe in it. They were store bought –  Teresa mentioned in the book for quick snack idea

From Famewhorgas  < – Read whole entry on the Famewhorgas link <– to see the time line of who announced what is listed ->here.  Including’ According to Famewhorgas; During season Four, Kathy met with Italian dessert company Bindi, which also has a plant in Totowa, NJ, to negotiate a partnership for her Dolci Della Dea dessert line. The deal must have been solely for the cameras because it seems nothing ever came from it.”  Even Wacko Jaco had to add two cents in her blog, which of course had nothing to do with her.  Look Teresa Giudice is not an angel by no means, but I could not imagine having family that I did not get along with, join a show to only have my family members join a show to “expose’ me and say I was lying that i could not cook when I said the entire time, “I couldn’t cook until  years after I was married” or have family members jealous that I didn’t have them on the show and fake we got along when we didn’t get along and join to “expose” my own blood. So pardon me, this does not sit well with me. The photos below are a perfect example — they were store bought pizzelles.  When you act like Kathy does, such as; approving your husband calling someones father a pedophile for saying, “No one would know you two if it weren’t for Teresa” which happens to be the truth, and do the other crap Kathy Wakile has done, the result is the sales of her cannoli line, drink line and dessert book thus far.  I should also mention, while Kathy claims these all her recipe’s, then why did Kathy need to go it Italy for “inspiration”?

For the record: Anyone can look back in my tweets; Season 1 and 2 I did not like Teresa. I didn’t start to like Teresa until Season 3, when the so called “family” joined.  I don’t care what issues you have, you don’t go on a show just to “expose” your family – there is a word for that: Fame-Whore! Notice how angry Kathy and Rosie got when Teresa mentioned in her blog when explaining how would they feel if the truth was known Kathy didn’t support Rosie growing up because Rosie was gay?  I don’t find it surprising because in them days, it was not accepted like it was today, but for Rosie to act like rabid animal — that confirmed it was the truth for me. How would Kathy like if her Sister in law joined the show? Now, that would be KARMA! 

 Pizzele 1 Pizzele 2

 Kathy Wakile Not The June Cleaver She Wants You To Think She Is! 


Twitter user @JustTheFactsNJ (hereinafter: “Facts NJ” because it’s easier to type) alerted me Kathy’s book made a “best seller” list. I say; “best seller” with quotes because  it’s  not the New York Times best seller;  it’s Publishers Weekly and I’m not familiar with how their system works.  I’m not by any means saying New York Times is 100% legit or anything –  there has been speculation in the past how books made the top NYT list.

I did ask “Facts NJ” what Publishers Weekly was hoping to get more information because I also said I would update this post, you can see our exchange here –

“Facts NJ” thinks I’m biased – that’s not the case.  I could always answer that with, “No, you’re bias since you don’t agree with me” LOL!  I’m kidding..

I didn’t like Teresa making the digs she did at Melissa in her last book to sell books.

As I said before; I just do not like it when FAMILY joins a Reality TV Show the way the Wakiles and Gorgas did.   I also feel there are other ways to promote a book other than talking about your family feud.   When Kathy and Melissa joined RHNJ – I did not like Teresa. I could not stand Teresa. Just noting.

As for as Publishers Weekly, I was found their Wiki page, you can read it here. I then looked for some more info on Google and found this article on BravoTv’s  and saw Kathy said this;

Prior to releasing Indulge earlier this month, Wakile spoke to The Dish about the release. “I had so much fun during this process, cooking and sharing my creations is both a joy and therapy for me,” she said, adding it was her family (including sister Rosie Pierri, husband Richie and her brothers) who taste-tested the recipes that made the final cut.

“I can always count on them to be completely honest,” she said. “Victoria and Joseph’s friends were also great too...and I can’t forget Jacqueline Laurita. She was always a willing tester.

I just can’t with Kathy.  You join a show then make allies with your family’s enemy. I can’t.  Look, I just couldn’t do something like that. I’ll leave it at that. Who knows, they all could be faking this feud. Wouldn’t be the first time it happened and not the last with Reality TV.

I’m happy Kathy’s book is selling, it did make #10 on this list and you can see the list here.  Here’s to hoping Kathy’s book sells even more..

For Novel Rank, this is where Kathy’s book is now compared to last week, this is for the past 30 days as the one above was on the day this post was published was from the last 30 days.  Novel rank goes by the last 30 days unless you specify. You can see on both photos “30 days”

last 30 days Kathy Wakile