Rosie Pierri’s FAKE TV Girlfriend, Ellen Minkin Claims Rosie Needed A Story Line

Rosie Pierri’s FAKE TV Girlfriend, Ellen Minkin Claims Rosie Needed A Story Line

I thought the whole purpose or deal for Bravo TV keeping Kathy Wakile to appear in cameo scenes, was if her sister Rosie Pierri made guest appearances? Ellen Minkin spoke exclusively to RadarOnline and told them their relationship was a story line and Rosie told Ellen if she didn’t appear as her girlfriend then that meant Ellen didn’t care about Rosie. How is that for manipulation?

Rosie Pierri and Ellen Minkin

Ellen Minkin is talking again.  This time, Ellen told Radaronline,  when she would hear  from Rosie, it wasn’t all about, ‘How Are You”, it was about Rosie and Rosie needing a story line and  needed more exposure — like a girlfriend — so she would look like she’s successful.  So all that talk from Rosie about her and Ellen in the kitchen and how Ellen made her happy was a big fat lie.  According to Ellen, Bravo TV said if she [Ellen] could not do it, they asked Rosie to get another girl to do it? 

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Like [I was] a piece of meat,” she {Ellen claimed.

“They don’t really care. Whatever sells and if ratings go up. It was really upsetting to me. It was staged. “

But when Minkin voiced her doubts, she said, Pierri pressured her into it.

“[Rosie] told me if I don’t do it, then I don’t really care about her,” Minkin claimed.

Ultimately, Minkin said she and Pierri had known each other for just a few months before she went in front of the cameras for the hit show.

“I invited her over to my house for a lunch and introduced her to other gay women in the city so she would feel comfortable,” explained Minkin of the nature of their relationship.

“I feel like [Bravo] targeted me,” she alleged. “Like, ‘Let’s get Rosie someone who she can hang out with.’ In a way, I felt like everything she did and said was coming from someone else — Bravo, her sister, her brother-in-law. Like ‘Rosie, you got to get her to get on the show to have a storyline. It was a manipulation.”

Minkin said her budding dating relationship with Pierri started to feel more disingenuous as they began to spend time together in front of the cameras.

“She was told what to say to me either by Bravo or someone else. I could feel it,” Minkin claimed. “It was all about how they were going to do this. It was all to make her look good.”

Even more disturbing, the mother-of-two said she was under the influence when she signed a release form to be on camera, specifically for the recent episode when Pierri kissed her in public.

“I remember maybe signing something, but it was so fast. You don’t really know what they’re going to say or do on the show,” said Minkin.

“We did go out with each other,” she confessed. “We became friends and after a while I feel like she liked me more than I liked her. I really just wanted to be her friend. I just feel like they made me look like I broke her heart and I’m like are you kidding me?!”

In an effort to save herself from any embarrassment she might face due to her cameo on the hit show, Minkin claims she even pleaded with producers to edit out her appearances.

“I contacted Bravo and told them take me off anything to do with that show,” she claimed. “But they said, ‘It’s already done and we’re in a meeting about it right now, we’ll see.’” source

Look at Rosie in this photo

Look at Rosie in this photo


Do I not tell you all the time:  PRODUCERS OR NETWORKS will do anything for a story line and do not give a damn about the cast? They only care about the lining of their pockets. Remember yesterday in this post, we talked about favoritism? Why is Bravo TV going out of their way to make a story line for Rosie when she is not a Housewife? Anyone can say, “she signed it’ I am telling you, these producers will make it seem like, “it’s paper work” and how convenient Ellen was pressured and just had drinks. Any responsible business… Ahem..Looking At You..  Bravo TV.. Sirens Media.. would not want someone signing anything in that state. However, this is not business, this is manipulation, yet we still watch this.  Knowing that Bravo TV and production knew the truth from the beginning, “If Ellen can’t do it, can you get someone else” is a shame.  No wonder why Rosie was filming with Joe Giudice. 

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