Michael Stretton, Son Of So Called, “Nightmare Nanny” Speaks Out

My apologizes to the Strettons — I am having an issue with my e-mail server and it’s really annoying.

I received a Press Release from, Michael Stretton, son of the So Called, “Nightmare Nanny” Diane Stretton.  The Press Release is dated, “August 16th, 2014”

 “There has been much written about my mother, Diane Gail Stretton, that I have scarcely kept up with it all (as I have long stopped being a regular consumer of the news and rarely, if ever, watch any television programming). It is necessary to address some of the false statements that have been oft repeated by various media outlets time and again.

Ms. Stretton and I have often maintained close contact, except for a brief period after I left my residence at Oak Tree Apartments as my own employment kept me unusually busy (requiring the cancellation of my prior scheduled birthday party). I also understand that my mother was kept rather busy by the Bracamontes as well. Ms. Stretton has stayed at my residence on several occasions, but could not live with me when I resided at Oak Tree Apartments (a low-income housing complex) as she did not have (and could not then easily obtain) the documentation necessary to be put on the lease as was then required. There was no privacy concern as the Oak Tree Apartments are outfitted with a wonderful architectural feature known as doors. In the years prior to residing at Oak Tree Apartments, following my baccalaureate graduation, I rented rooms or space within other folk’s residences, which did not afford me any realistic capacity to shelter my mother.

The accusation that Ms. Stretton has filed numerous frivolous lawsuits is quite offensive. While I have not been involved in every lawsuit, I periodically helped her in a number of those lawsuits as a bibliothecal researcher and typist since November 1993. My maternal grandmother, Clara Richardson, had been my mother’s typist up until a few years prior to her own death. From research I did at the time, it is my understanding that those lawsuits were well grounded factually and in the sound interpretation of the laws that then existed when those suits were filed. I still periodically help her find answers to legal questions by directing her to research materials I once used in several law libraries across Southern California as I still retain some spatial memory of where many different useful published materials are kept in those libraries from when I used to research there.
Ms. Stretton helped me in some of my scholarly and extracurricular endeavors. My mother supported my successful candidacy for Freshman Class President in my high school. Despite her own financial difficulties, she enabled me to pursue playing the upright contrabass in the high school orchestra and being involved in the student newspaper as a writer and Beat’s Editor. My mother encouraged me to pursue R.O.P. Certificates in Business Management and Ownership (which I earned in 1996) as well as Commercial Art and Animation (which I earned in 1998). Ms. Stretton also encouraged me to earn the rank of Eagle Scout in about two and a half years and helped me apply for the Elks National Foundation Eagle Scout Scholarship that I was ultimately awarded in 1999. She put a lot of effort into keeping me in the honors and advanced placement classes at my high school where I ultimately achieved AP Scholar with Distinction. My mother also helped me get into the University Honors Program where (many years later) I ultimately published a thesis entitled “Animation Interpretation: An Introduction to Using Production Techniques and Principles” in the upper-division honors journal.
I  am fortunate to have her as a parent. Throughout my life, Ms. Stretton has demonstrated to be a rare treasure of wisdom and kindness. It is curious that the Bracamonte children were unable to make use of such things when they had the chance.   — Michael Stretton
 I feel very strongly Diane Stretton is a victim of the Bracamonte’s and the media.  Anyone has issue, they can refer back to the other posts. Also note, all posts are under “Amia Says” First they were under “Admin” then switched to “Amia Says” I am trying to figure out how to post under different authors.