Bravo TV and Production Has It Out For The Real Housewives Of New Jersey Twins Teresa Aprea and Nicole Napolitano

First it was Nicole Napolitano that “broke up a family”.   Bravo TV cleverly made it seem like it was Amber Marchese who started the rumor (in the eyes of the twins) remember, not everyone see’s what everyone else films and I am sure production wanted the cast to have limited contact like they did here. I doubt they could enforce it, but I’m sure they try like hell too.  Remember, Amber had said to Melissa Gorga “I heard a rumor” [insert production] the scene is set at the costume shop; production tells  Melissa Gorga to tell the twins (Nicole and Teresa) and Teresa Giudice what Amber said and not that is was a rumor… I’m sure production told Melissa, They know it’s a part of the sceneForget the facts: Bobby, Nicole’s boyfriend is a bachelor of 11 years. Nicole was married 11 years ago. Got it?

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How much lower can producers and Bravo TV go for ratings?

Now, Bravo TV wants us to believe, Rino Aprea cheated on his wife: Teresa Aprea (Nicole’s twin sister), allegedly with his Mother In Law; Santa. Not This Santa!

Photo Credit: Google

Photo Credit: Google



Bravo TV has bragged in the past they have the final say. Seriously? I know I laughed at first, but when you think about it: This is disgusting.

Last night on the Real Housewives of New Jersey, Victoria Gotti made a guest appearance.  Victoria’s appearance obviously was a ratings stint and plant by the Producers.  However, I find myself asking, “Why the hell would Victoria Gotti, the alleged Queen that doesn’t like drama film a scene like this and start these salacious rumors?  Let’s examine:

Viewers have had it with the Gorga/Giudice feud.  Last season, @purveryorsofpop admitted Teresa Giudice did not start #StripperGate rumor, sure @purveryorsofpop (production) was behind it, just as they were behind Angelo appearing on camera to “confront” Melissa. Meanwhile, no “confronting” happened. . Last season, puveyorsofslop  Purveryorsofpop tweeted:

Side Note: Purveyorsofpop worked on The Real Housewives Of New Jersey last season along with Sirens Media.


 Production Needed A New Target:  Productions New Targets Are The Twins; Teresa and Nicole, Plus Their Family!

Rino Aprea, Teresa Aprea, Teresa's Father, Teresa's Mother - Santa, Nicole

Rino Aprea, Teresa Aprea, Teresa’s Father, Teresa’s Mother – Santa, Nicole

                                              Why Did Victoria Gotti Make An Appearance On The Real Housewives Of New Jersey? Victoria Gotti Teresa Giudice and Victoria filmed The Celebrity Apprentice.   Season 5 of The Real Housewives Of New Jersey was already filmed when Celebrity Apprentice was filming at that point.  Victoria promised Teresa she would make a guest appearance on the next season they filmed. Did Teresa and Amber Know What Victoria Gotti Was Going To Say?  Teresa Giudice has enough of her own problems, I am sure Teresa wouldn’t go for this given what she and her sister in law, Melissa Gorga went through the last three seasons.  I am sure production had Amber join given everything that transpired this season already between her and the twins (Teresa and Nicole).  Amber made it seem like they traveled so far to visit Victoria.  I am sure more conversation took place, actually,  I know more conversation took place.  It is hard to tell if the the hair fight with Nicole and Amber took place at this point because the editing sucks this season on The Real Housewives of New Jersey, one scene it’s spring — the next it’s winter. Why would Victoria Gotti Say Rino Cheated On His Wife Teresa with his Mother In Law? Either Victoria has had it out for Rino Aprea or there is always the possibility Frankenbyting took place as well. If you do not know what the term “Frankenbyting” is, I highly suggest you take a look here. It happened so many times on The Real Housewives of Orange County, I lost count. Read: Frankenbyting It is possible Victoria was speaking of someone else and not speaking of Rino “cheating” on his wife Teresa with his MOTHER IN LAW, Santa or Victoria knew exactly what she was doing and had an ax to grind and will play naive just as Victoria plays naive and claims she didn’t know her Father John Gotti was the Boss of The Mob. Go figure. Rino’s Reaction So Far

Rino should not only be upset at Victoria Gotti, Rino should also be upset at: Production, Victoria Gotti, Bravo TV and Andy Cohen. We know Andy Cohen is going to have a blast with this. Andy doesn’t call himself the “biggest shit stirrer there is” then add insult to injury by saying, “I get paid to do it” I am sure the phones are ringing everywhere by now. I don’t know if the cast can watch episodes ahead of time, so who knows when they watched the episode.. I’m sure calls were put in in and Teresa and Rino are not happy. Santa is pissed — I’m sure.

Be Aware: Producers are not your friends.  They will act like it during filming because they want to put out a good show even if it means manipulating and stretching the truth.  Hell, even making shit up.  I am sure Teresa’s blog will be edited, Teresa, get your own blog. F— them contracts, they want the public to think this is “reality” they can’t have the cake and eat it too.

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To be continued..