Rosie Pierri “Girlfriend” Ellen Minkin Says Rosie Misrepresented Their Relationship On The Show

Rosie Pierri “Girlfriend” Ellen Minkin Says Rosie Misrepresented Their Relationship On The Show

We told  in this post in a round about way something did not pass the sniff concerning Rosie Pierri’s relationship with Ellen Minkin and we were right.

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Radar Online has uncovered Ellen Minkin and Rosie Pierri were not that cozy couple Rosie made it seem to be and Ellen felt manipulated to appearing on the show.

Rosie and Ellen

“I think I was really nice to her,” Ellen told us of the relationship, adding that Rosie is “set in her ways,” and that made it hard for them to work. “I think I was really pretty nice to her. I think that she and I were really not meant to be together.”
Ellen also feels like she was “manipulated” into being on Real Housewives of New Jersey, something she now regrets. “I’m sorry I did it, I’m sorry I went out with her, I feel like she used me,” Ellen told us. “We really weren’t in a heavy-duty relationship. We were just very good friends, and she makes it seem like we were together and we had this whole relationship. Really, I was just doing her a favor, and now I’m paying the price.” Read full story at Radar

After the Real Housewives Of New Jersey episode aired, Rosie tweeted they were no longer together and now that Ellen Minkin spoke out,  Rosie has resorted to calling this, “seeking revenge”

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What’s next? Is Rosie going to accuse Ellen of seeking her 15 minutes? If Rosie does, that would be hilarious considering everyone on TV is looking for 15 minutes for some reason or another.  Reality TV changes (most) people — and not for the good.

What  do you think?  I want to know what “price” Ellen is talking about.