Was Rosie Pierre’s Appearance On Millionaire Matchmaker Fake And Just For TV?

Was Rosie Pierre’s Appearance On Millionaire Matchmaker Fake And Just For TV?


On tonight’s episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Rosie introduces her special lady, “Ellen”. Currently I am not able to find a photo, I am sure later on tonight or this week, photos will be everywhere.
The show then shows flashbacks from last season when her sister Kathy Wakile and cousin in law,  Melissa Gorga took Rosie to a bar to hook Rosie up with.  Then Rich Wakile, Kathy’s husband, says he introduced the two.  Then Rosie is asked by one of the Twins, “How long have you been together” then Rosie awkwardly says, “We started going out in March”

Photo Credit: Bravo TV

Photo Credit: Bravo TV

Fast forward. This is August 2014.  Assuming that this was filmed after March of 2014, this would have been filmed no later than May of 2014 because it takes hours and hours to edit the episodes. Andy Cohen stated in his book, “Most Talkative” it takes 80 hours to come up with one hour of footage.

Surely, Rosie meant March of last year since Rosie gave an update to Bravo TV in January of this year, 2014,  announcing she found someone. But the question is: Did Rosie had someone all along?

Rosie told Bravo TV in January of 2014

“”I am very grateful to Patti for having me on the show and for the support I get from my sister Kathy and brother-in-law Rich,” she writes. “Matchmaker definitely helped me with being more comfortable with going out and dating. Although we didn’t find my match it was very nice getting to know some of the ladies and the experience was helpful. Since then, I was able to be more confident and I was very fortunate to meet someone here on the East Coast. We are having a great time together and enjoying some fun and exciting times. We have a lot in common. She is a kind, warm, great-hearted person with a fun-loving sense of humor not to mention she is also very beautiful inside and out! “I am really starting to enjoy life more and share great times together,” she adds. “She is very supportive with all my career endeavors which is also a great quality. It’s a perfect way to live life…fun, love, share and laugh together! Thats all of now.”

Surely, this would not be the first or last time that Bravo TV is caught staging and faking.  However, Patti Stanger has been vocal in the past saying she would put her real clients on TV, then will say her show is real. LOL! Also, Patti bragged on the first season and second season how they run checks on their clients to make sure they are actual millionaires. Well, that turned out to be not true.

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For example:
According to the DailyMail, Michael Prozer turned out to be a conman, had Patti and her team done the “background check” they claimed to do, Prozer would have gotten in.

This brings us to our next question. How are people who are looking for love who appear on the show get the chance to be on Bravo TV’s, Millionaire Matchmaker?

According to Hello Giggles, one contestant was scouted at a club;

“The Scout

“I got scouted at a club in Beverly Hills. I know a club. Gross.”

The article goes on to say,

The Application

Next, your scout will call you and ask you to fill out a lengthy application. Asking you everything from: “Are you married?” “Are you sure you’re not married?” To, “Are you a convict?” And “Are you sure you’re not a convict?” With all the gushy love stuff in between. Since I’m an unmarried, non-convict I thought I nailed it.


True or False: “I believe in love at first sight.”

True! True! TRUUUUUEEE!!!! I absolutely believe in love at first sight!!!!! I’m a hopeless romantic and I know when I meet “the one” I’ll know it’s him the minute we lock eyes!!!!!!!!

Just call me Shakespeare.


“Why should we choose you above all other candidates?”

You should choose me, because unlike your other candidates I am honestly and sincerely looking for true love!

Killing it.

The “Audition”

Next, you will go in for what you think is an audition of bragging about how great you are, but really it’s a mini photo shoot.

The only question they will ask you is your age. And for some reason I drew a blank. Maybe I was nervous. Maybe I’m not used to telling people how old I am. I have a feeling that this whole forgetting my age debacle might explain what happened at the audition….

The Phone Call

I got a call a few days later for an appointment to meet Patti. Question, if she’s such a great “matchmaker,” why is she single?! Let alone qualified to match millionaires…That would be like taking driving lessons from Lindsay Lohan, or diet tips from Oprah or fashion advice from Stevie Wonder… (I’ll be here all night).

As to how they pick out their outfits;

The big day will come. You must wear a dress. It can’t be white or black or too busy. You have to wear heels. You will take a lot of selfies and finally decide on something that is the perfect balance of expensive prostitute and a sorority sister at a semi-formal event.

“The Cattle Call” as this contestant called it; 

I arrive on location where I am shoved into a van which a bunch of Hollywood types. Hair extensions, fake boobs and Botox galore. The van reeks of stuffy perfume, hairspray and desperation.

We arrive at Matchmaker “headquarters”, which I assumed was in Beverly Hills, but is actually in the dodgy part of Marina Del Rey. “Elite dating service”, my ass. I take my seat in a sea of crossed legs topped off with fake Louboutins.

I talk to some of the other contestants, who all look the same. It’s as if I was waiting at a casting call for “Past Her Prime Cougar/ Gold-Digger Who Still Thinks She’s Hot and Masks her Cellulite with Spanx and Spray Tans.” Which actually makes a lot of sense since most of these ladies found out about this from LA Casting, an audition database for actors…

Also, the show is called Millionaire Matchmaker. Do you think any of girls on the show are looking for “true love”? Or have “good intentions”?


They’re looking to date a Millionaire.

I was looking for an experience and a story. I didn’t realize that this experience would include embarrassing myself on national television.

Then I had to fill out even more paper work. I rushed through it in hopes that I could go first and be done with it. When asked to put my career down I wrote “comedian” because I thought that would make me stand out. I started to look around the room. I noticed I was the youngest girl by about ten years.

So, basically it’s in the bag!

They bring us to meet Patti in groups of three. As I’m about to go up, I realize the two ladies with me are well into their 50s. The one who spoke English started talking to me. I find out she has a daughter around my age. Perfect. She then tells me the men are in their mid 50s. This was a joke right? There’s no way I’d be a good match for these guys. I started to get nervous.

Meeting The “Matchmaker” Patti Stanger

I climb up the stairs. In the back of my head I’m ironically singing “Matchmaker” fromFiddler on the Roof. Debating if I should sing it to her. But then thinking she’s probably heard it a bunch of times.

The room is flooded with cameras. I’m a deer in headlights. What did I get myself into?

PATTI: Gabriella.

ME: Yes?

PATTI: So you’re a comedian.

ME: Yeah.

PATTI: And you’re not sure if you live with your ex?

ME: Huh?

This must have been the part of the application I rushed through.

ME: Oh, no. You asked if I have a roommate. I do. He’s not my ex though. We never dated.

PATTI: Make me laugh.

ME: Um. Do I have to?


Lesson learned: Unless it’s a comedy audition, if you’re a comedian, never tell a joke on the spot, especially if it’s for an audience of people without a sense of humor. Comedy is all about set-up. Jokes that play well in a comedy club don’t play well in front of a matchmaker who seriously thinks Juicy velour zip-ups are still okay to wear in public.

I start to tell my joke about how my mother thinks she’s a matchmaker by trying to set me up with Enrique Iglesias who she only “knows” from watching him on The View. As soon as I opened my mouth they went out of their way to act bored. They weren’t even listening. I felt like a moron. If you’ve seen the clip all you hear is me saying, “My mother thinks she’s a matchmaker” and “Enrique Inglasis.” .

DIRECTOR: And cut!

As soon as the camera turns off Patti and her posse are suddenly super nice.

ME: It’s weird to do jokes on the spot.

MINION 1: Oh yeah girl, I bet. You’re super cute though. Next time for sure!

PATTI: Yeah! You’re adorable!!!


DIRECTOR: And action!

PATTI: Gabriella. Go home.

Wait. Did I just get “nexted” on national television? What?!

I then put it together. Here I was thinking I was chosen for my personality and killer application only to find out that I was cast as a joke?! I was basically brought in to be like those rejects on American Idol. You know the ones that think they can sing but really can’t. I was brought thinking I could date only to learn I can’t. Specifically millionaires. I am basically the William Hung of Millionaire Matchmaker.

Please read more at HelloGiggles, there is more to read. 

What do you think?

Do you think Rosie appeared on the show just so Kathy could be on TV? We know Rosie is the only reason Kathy is on. 

Do you think Rosie is just a nice gal and participated because Bravo TV wanted her to be on?

Do you think Rosie was not dating Ellen at the time?

None of the above? Let us know in the comments!  I’m sure there will be more to this story because this does not pass the sniff test. Please sign up for posts to be delivered to your inbox and follow us on Social Media. The accounts are listed below!
And there is more to the story! Rosie is no longer dating Ellen.
Hey Rosie, Finding love on “Matchmaker Shows” and Dates on a scripted show will not do it!