The “Celebrity Magnet” Tom Murro And Jacqueline Are Looking For Attention & Trouble

Unless it Teresa or Melissa, no one should be going to the media throwing shade on behalf of Teresa or Melissa for each-other and  being a trouble maker  “source” because they don’t have anything interesting in their own lives going on. 
According to AllThingsRh, Tom Murro reports Melissa Gorga‘s  book, Love Italian Style has made over $1,000.000. and Melissa and her husband Joe Gorga  will soon to be able to pay off their debt.  There have been reports in the media that Melissa and Joe owe everyone money. A former employee of Joe Gorga‘s made claims Joe owes him money. I highly doubt it was Teresa, because Teresa would never implicate herself and say, “They are heading down the same road The Giudices are”

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Two ways this happened: Melissa approved Tom to speak on her behalf which is messed up if she did, or is this is coming from Jacqueline Laurita. I say that because Tom then goes on to say,

Melissa Gorga is making over $1 million right now. Her salary and her book sales have pushed her into a 7-figure earning bracket”

“Unlike Teresa, she isn’t worried about her finances because she has been quietly making good money and doesn’t have nearly the expenses that the Giudice’s do.”

Tom Murro and Kim Grantell Photo Credit: Vulture

Tom Murro and Kim Grantell Photo Credit: Vulture

1. There is no author of the post, usually there is. It just says, “Radar Staff”

2. Tom Murro is what you call a Sugar Baby to Kim Grantell – Kim being the “Sugar Mamma”. Kim  just happens to hate Teresa. Anyone remember Tom and Kim quest to be famous in 2010-2011?

3. As I said above, there is no author on the post at Radar and states, “the source told Tom Murro”  It was rumored for a while that Tom was Jacqueline’s Publicist – who knows, but this is not the first time Tom has spoken out for Jacqueline – assuming he did. But I am sure Tom’s source was Jacqueline.  Either Melissa Told Jacqueline in confidence or Jacqueline told Tom to start some trouble.. Why is Tom even repeating this anyhow? Because he is a trouble maker. And that should be a cue to Melissa; Both Tom and Jacqueline are trouble.  And Jacqueline is good at starting trouble.. (Side eye at calling yourself a Celebrity Magnet and Side-eye at you for having a Publicist with a name like that )




Once again, Jacqueline is being passive aggressive itching to start a fight and draw attention to herself. This woman wonders why Dina wants nothing to do with her. When you have a Wacko family member like this trying to get you to make up with them on Social Media, telling you, “it’s time for change” and all the other crap Jacqueline starts..Who wants to be friends or even civil in a family with someone like this?

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Jacqueline took to her twitter today, I’m sure her rebuttal will be (if any) because she loves the attention, ” I never said who I was talking about”, this is the thing: Whenever it’s known Jacqueline is not getting along with someone who appears on the show, she literally spends her life;  bashing, harassing, slandering and talking about the person.  I am going to end here with the tweets.

I do too,but I what I meant was…in order 4 a relationship to work,both must be forgiving&ready to move forward at the same time.@Tallylas

— Jacqueline Laurita (@JacLaurita) August 14, 2014

Imagine having a family member who DM’s strangers on twitter telling them, “I tell truths”

Imagine you are Dina Manzo, re joining a show you were previously on because your so called “family” is not on anymore, not because you don’t want certain things public,  you just don’t want to fight with your brothers & sisters because your brother married an unhinged woman.. Producers of course break their promise, and here comes your brother’s wife, she agrees to film with your best friend’s cousin Kathy Wakile, who is not even a Full Time Housewife anymore and the cousin does not get along with your best friend? Oh and it’s rumored that Jacqueline is coming back next season. I know producers dirty hands are in this, but why would Jacqueline want to knowing that her brother’s wife is on and wants nothing to do with her. Maybe everyone can gang up on Jac like they did Danielle Staub and Teresa. See how she likes it. Lunatic. 

Just go away Jacqueline. Just go. I just can’t with her.

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