Hilarious Lawsuit Involving Fashion Queen Star, Derek Filed By Benita Williams, Claims Derek J Stole Her Weave

As much as Michelle Brown from StraightFromTheA  is a hip and reliable Atlanta bloggerMichelle always finds a way to find the funniest situations. Which brings us to Derek J and Benita Williams.

Meet Benita Wiliams, Photo Courtesy of Benita Williams Facebook Provided By StraightFromTheA 

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And Derek J

Photo Credit: Google

Photo Credit: Google

According to StraightFromTheA,  Bravo TV‘s   Fashion Queens Star and sometimes hair stylist on The Real Housewives of Atlanta to Kim Zolciak and Kandi Burrus,  is facing a hilarious legal battle.  For the record, according to Michelle at StraightFromTheA stated, Benita brought this lawsuit to the public first by contacting RadarOnLine. Michelle claims she heard about this lawsuit while at Derek’s Salon, “The J Spot” and Williams threatened [Derick] to go public unless Derek settled. Michelle stated on her StraightFromTheA website; 

She [Benita] offered them [Radaronline] the story only if they would keep her name anonymous, but fortunately I didn’t make the same agreement… and fortunately her Facebook page is public. But I digress.

For some reason, Benita had to involve Kenya Moore by stating,

“I am not a celebrity, but I own my own business, and my contracts are with Fortune 100, 200 companies,” the source said. “With Derek, I paid around $700. I’m paying this type of money so I can look presentable to these people.”

“I’m not Kenya Moore and I’m not gonna fight you for my hair,” she joked. “But I know I can’t be the only person he’s done this to. Not the first, and definitely not the last. I want to give other women a platform to stand on, in the event that he does that again.”

“What you see on TV is not real,” she claimed. “There’s a lot of fakeness going on in Atlanta!”

In the lawsuit filed on July 18th, Benita Williams claimed;

I had my sew-in taken out to be re installed. Derek led his team to steal my hair, then Derek installed used … cheap hair in my head.

He (Derek) also encouraged other stylists to steal my hair.

Apparently Williams went to Derek’s hair Salon, The J Spot, to get a bad weave job fixed.  According to Williams, Derek allegedly stole her [Williams] weave and replaced it with a cheap weave and encouraged to his staff to steal her original weave. I swear, you can not make this stuff up, this is by far the funniest lawsuit that I have heard about in a while.

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Derick defended himself and his Salon by saying,

She[Benita] had hair in, and I took her hair out to wash it, and putting it back in is like putting a puzzle back together. If it gets misconfigured, it won’t have the same look as it did. That’s basically what happened, that it didn’t get put back in the exact same way as it was.

Derick went on to say;

 I offered for her to come back in and have it fixed,” he said. “But she said no and six months later I get a lawsuit. It’s really, really ridiculous.

I have been doing hair for 15 years and I’ve never had this issue,” he said. “Unfortunately, when you start to raise your profile, certain things start to happen to you. I have celebrity clients, so to have this regular woman accuse me of this, it’s like, ‘Lady, sit down!’

Read the scribbled court docs provided by Radar-On-Line

The only thing that seems true of this whole mess is, Williams claims that everything you see on T.V. is not true and people in Atlanta is shady.  Well, there is shady people in every city. I digress.
Please read what Michelle had to say regarding Derek J and what she thinks of his skills here. and thank her for the good laugh.

Do you think Derek J and his Staff at, The J Spot, stole Benita’s weave? 😉