UPDATE: Video: Alex McCord Catches Leann Rimes And Vh1 in A Big Fat Lie! #RimesWithBooty Never Trended And The Photo Does Not Exist

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Alex McCord Catches Leann Rimes, Leann’s  Publicist, Gurney Productions and Vh1 in a Big Fat Lie, #RhymesWithBooty, #RimesWithBooty  nor the picture that Leann Rimes claims to have accidentally tweeted – does not exist. Just like Emily Goodhand – vanished.

If you for some reason do not watch Alex McCord‘s, “The Real Deal”  airing on TheStir, you are missing out.  Alex McCord is Reality TV Detective by nature. Last week, Alex McCord, on the “Real Deal Alex” show,  pointed out on  there was an issue on the ratings deprived “Leann & Eddie” show airing on Vh1, produced by Gurney Productions.  Leann and her publicist claimed #RimesWithBooty was trending on Social Media after Leann “accidentally” tweeted a photo of her “butt cakes” (photo below) while making pancakes;

I so wish VH1 had clips to the show so our readers can see the scene since only 50,000 people tuned in.

You know us, Reality TV Scandals loves to search through the social media archives.  Guess what? Alex was right, #RimesWithBooty never trended. The only results that came up were recent. RimesWithBooty  



For the record, in the photo below are the only #hashtag, for those of you who say, it was  #RhymesWithBooty as of this writing, “RhymesWithBooty” points to #RhimesWithBooty and the tweets are recent as well.

#RhymesWithBooty Twitter Search Results

We are confident after this post is publishes, #RimesWithBooty will trend.

Now, some of you Leann Rimes fans may question this and say;  “You can’t search that far back in time”  We are here to tell you,  Oh yes you can!!   To back up Alex McCord findings, we ran an Advanced Search on Twitter using the Advanced Search Tool along with other search tools out there available to the public. The Advanced Search Tool is an awesome search tool that  allows you to search for tweets going far back to 2009 we have found.  The Advanced Search Tool also allows you to search for; specific dates, hashtags, conversations etc along with specific hashtags from a specific user(s) account(s).

So, we did just that: We searched for the hashtag #RhymesWithBooty  and “RimesWithBooty” tweets that came from the user account, @LeannRimes

Advanced Twitter Search #RhymesWithBooty

Search Results for #RhymesWithBooty from User @LeannRimes


Crickets.. Nothing Came Up. 


Advanced Twitter Search Leann Rimes #RhymesWithBooty Results


We even went a step further and used the Advanced Search Tool like we did above for Miss Amia’s tweets and entered her name, @MissAmiaSays and used the hashtag, #JustSaying 

@MissAmiaSays #JustSaying

@MissAmiaSays #JustSaying


The Advanced Search Tool found tweets of  Miss Amia’s from 2012 — because they exist.


Leann then claimed to have deleted the tweet.  Guess what? Another lie. I used the people browser and nothing came up. You can find anything there that someone tweeted regardless if the tweet was deleted.  Regardless, if “RimesWithBooty” did trend, something still would have came up since it was “trending”

We didn’t stop there. We ran the photo that was  featured on Vh1 , The “Leann & Eddie” Show,  through several Advanced Photo Search Tools and came up with nothing. We also used Advanced Photo Search Software and came up with nothing. When we say we used “Advanced Photo Search Software” we are not talking about your average Google Photo Search Tools, no, we could tell you what we used, but that is our secret. 😉


Photo Credit VH1 RhymesWithBooty


[Photo Credit: Vh1 and Alex McCord For Posting the photo on her VLOG]


Results: NOTHING


This is the issue: Leann Rimes along with VH1 & Gurney Productions lied. Yes, Gurney Productions is the same Production Company that produces Duck Dynasty.  Lately, it has come to the public’s attention of just how “real” Duck Dynasty is not real  and it is not the cast faking it, it’s production bleeping out words to make it sound like they are cursing when they really are not cursing among many other things.  So, this comes to no surprise on this end, because in our experience,  everything Gurney Productions produces is obviously fake.  Gurney Productions does not try to be creative  and make their scenes seem real.  Rather it’s Gurney Productions editors and producers are just really bad or they gave up on all their shows. Who knows. But this just does not fall on Gurney Productions – Leann’s dirty paws were on this as well.


Most Producers and Networks claim their  Reality TV shows are “real” and nothing is made up.  The first episode on “Leann & Eddie” you have “Leann & Eddie” sitting on the couch saying, “This is our side of our story” according to “Leann & Eddie”, everyone seems to want to tell “their story”.  What Eddie does not know is people judge Leann by Leann’s behavior on Social Media.  Now, that is a post in itself.  As the couple moans about the paparazzi, we all know Leann is the one paying and calling the paparazzi to follow her.


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Startrack Photo Agency is known to take staged photos to make it seem like the "Celebs" are caught off guard. StarTrack then splits the profit with the "Celeb"

Michael Simon of Startrack Photo Agency is known to take staged photos of “Celebs” to make it seem like the “Celebs” are caught off guard. StarTrack then splits the profit with the “Celeb” Thanks Exposarzi This Photo Is Posted Using The Fair Use Act – Critiquing.


 The Leann & Eddie Show Scripted?

In 2013, Leann was telling everyone, the project/Reality TV Show she and Eddie were filming was scripted to only turn around and say, “It’s our Story”.  We do know there was drama while filming, “LeAnn & Eddie” it may be things did not work out as planned. With Gurney Productions history and Vh1 in general is one thing.  Then there is Leann. Once you tell the public a show is  “scripted” you can not expect the public to take you serious when the show airs and you turn around and say, “It’s our Story” especially with the way Leann acts on Social Media. If Leann were so honest, she would not have deleted so many tweets. We are not talking about this faux “oopsy” either.


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Media Outlets and sites such as Star Magazine and sites like RealityTvScandals (just for you, our dear readers!)  subscribe to controversial people like Leann Rimes.   We also look at their Social Media Accounts. There would be evidence if “RimesWithBooy” existed. There is none.   We compare “Rimes With Booty” Emily Goodhand, in the TrueToriScandal: Neither exist. They are both made up.  Contrary to Dean McDermott’s claim when asked about Emily Goodhand vanishing–You can not wipe your history off the internet today.

It’s time for Production Companies ahem.. Gurney Productions and  VH1 to stop insulting viewers and embarrassing themselves.  Show some respect for yourselves and your company. Keep It Real or get more creative.


If for some reason there is not a video on this post, here is Alex McCord’s  YouTube link here


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-Update 1-

After publishing this post, hence, the post was on “Auto Publish” scheduled to Publish after 12:00am EST on August 12, 2014, Leann tweeted to our  @RealityTvScandals Account (Kim) on twitter from her @LeannRimes Account. Leann blamed us!

Sidebar: The tweets are on Storify since Leann is known to delete tweets.

It’s a “satire” assuming Leann meant “humor” and it’s “genuinely Leann & Eddie” claims Leann.  Oh, and no one is caught.  Yes you are Leann. You are caught and it’s our own “Web of Crazy” thank you very much.

Leann is missing the point: Was there not anything interesting going on,  perhaps “Leann & Eddie” could have re enacted that actually did happen?  We know how Reality TV is made. Leann’s tweet alone confirmed #RimesWithBooty never happened.  How is this “funny”? It was a lie.  But it’s humor, according to Leann. Nothing funny about this. How is this our ” Web Of Crazy”? We are not on TV telling everyone this is “our side” and making things up by saying we got a hashtag trending on Social Media because of a photo, according to Leann and production, was “accidentally” in reality, the photo Leann claim she accidentally tweeted that was never tweeted.

We are waiting for Leann’s reply. Will keep you updated.  Original Post