Who Is Mario Singer’s Mistress Kasey Dexter?

Ramona Singer Calls It Quits With Husband Mario Of 27 Years

Who Is Mario Singer’s Mistress Kasey Dexter?

Ramona -and Mario Singer Divorce

This is sad.  Ramona Singer Calls It Quits With Husband Mario Singer Of 27 Years.  The Question I wanted to know was: Who is Mario Singer’s Mistress Kasey Dexter? After what viewers (raises hand) thought it was a publicity stunt for ratings on The Real Housewives of New York City, that’s why we did not cover this scandal, after all, Ramona’s own sister, Sonya Mazur, can’t believe it,  now, this looks like  this may be true!  Then again, are we surprised?  How far is our count up to now just for Bravo Tv Divorces? 25?  I do have a post in draft mode that needs to be finished. Ramona Tweeted yesterday;

 I have decided to move on with my life without Mario. I tried my best to make my marriage work. I am excited for the new chapter in my life.

— Ramona Singer (@ramonasinger) August 7, 2014

This started back in January of this year (2014) when the cops were called to Ramona’s Hampton’s home. According to Page Six

Real Housewives of New York” stars Ramona and Mario Singer are in the middle of a nasty separation — and cops were called to their Southampton home Friday night to break up a domestic spat, sources told Page Six.

We’re told Ramona and Mario, who have one daughter, Avery, have separated and are both dating other people, but have not filed for divorce.

Page Six reported in October that Mario had been seeing a young socialite, who has since been identified as Kasey Dexter. Meanwhile, Ramona was also seen on a date with a “20-something-looking guy” on Thursday night.

Our Sources [Page Six]  tell us Ramona has ordered Mario out of their Upper East Side apartment, and he is splitting his time between staying with friends and at the couple’s Hamptons home.

“Ramona kicked Mario out of the Manhattan apartment in the last few days,” a source told us. “But the understanding was that he could stay in the Southampton house.”

That is, until Friday night, when Ramona ended up at the home at the same time Mario and Dexter were there. Sources told us Ramona “threw a fit and called the cops.” When police arrived, Ramona claimed Mario choked her, while other sources insist the two did not get physical.

Apparently, after Ramona calmed down, she offered the cops some Pinot Grigio and the cops politely declined and no charges were filed.

Now just who is Mario Singer’s mistress, home-wrecker  Kasey Dexter? Leave it to Stoopid Housewives to find out. First, Stoopidhousewives  found out Kasey Dexter sued a gym,

A Manhattan woman claims she and her boss knocked boots throughout the posh Upper West Side gym La Palestra.

Kasey Dexter, 32, says La Palestra manager George Peters gave her a job as a personal trainer in May 2012 only “because he was attracted to her,” according to a lawsuit filed in Manhattan federal court last month.

“Peters would ask [her] to have sex with him on various pieces of exercise equipment and training tables at La Palestra,” according to the lawsuit. “Her ability to become a regular trainer at La Palestra in the future was contingent on her submission, or refusal, to have sex on certain pieces of gym equipment.”

A lawyer for the gym said Peters was the real victim.

Peters was issued an order of protection against Dexter after she directed hundreds of calls and e-mails at him, lawyer Michael Miranda said. “This is a frivolous lawsuit,” he said. source (NyPost)

LOL then Stoopidhousewives found this out! LOL! (I LOVE SH!) Photos below stolen from Ms SH Link to SH”s Attachment Pages.

Stolen From and Linked To: StoopidHouseWives

Guess What? Kasey’s Favorite Show Isn’t “Housewives” anything! It’s “Friends” I thought that show wasn’t on anymore?

Stolen And Links To: StoopidHousewives

Here is a more recent photo of  the home-wrecker Kasey Dexter

Photo That Made Ramona Singer File For Divorce                                                                                                                                                       It  just so happens to be the photo that made Ramona Singer File For Divorce!

Please make sure you check out the rest of Stoopid Housewives Post here she found another photo with info on it that is hilarious!

Look, I get the Leann Rimes, Tori Spelling and Kasey Dexter‘s of the world who say, “You can’t help from falling in love” bull shit. I know it takes two to cheat, so that’s why I want to know; How many Kasey’s were there, Mario?  I know a few things: This is a rebound for Mario and from other things I have heard about this home-wrecker Kasey is;  possessive. crazy and most likely just wants Mario’s money. So Mario, I don’t want to hear this was an innocent lunch either — you have no business going out with a woman who you have been accused of cheating with while lying to your wife. Shame on you Mario.

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