Was Melissa Gorga’s Bentley For Show?

Did Melissa Gorga Have To Give Her Bentley Back?

Was Melissa Gorga’s Bentley For Show?

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Radar is reporting an “insider” told them that Melissa Gorga, The Real Housewives Of New Jersey, had to return the Bentley that was seen last episode because they couldn’t afford it. Radar is also reporting the Bentley was leased strictly for show. That’s no surprise; everyone on Reality Tv does that now a days. In addition, Radar is reporting the scene in which Joe Gorga, Melissa’s husband, shows Melissa their new trash truck was filmed at the Mercedes dealership. No Way! Another Staged Scene on Bravo TV? Stop.It.Now.  

The article says their “insider” says the issue is: Melissa wants to make her sister in law “green with jealousy” and Melissa does not realize that is what got her Sister in Law, Teresa Giudice in trouble in the first place. Radar also says;

As something of a silver lining, the couple “was given a free used Mercedes by a local car dealer, in exchange for shooting scenes at the dealership,” 

Melissa heard about this article and decided to call Radar On Line out..


I say to Melissa, prove Radar Wrong! LOL! Put a sign on the car that says, “Radaronline’s Source Can Scratch August 7, 2014”

What do you say Melissa? 

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