Richard Wakile Vulgar Tweets To Women Diary Of A Mad Man


Richard Wakile Vulgar Tweets to Women

Last year, Richard Wakile, husband to demoted wife, Kathy Wakile , of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, was on one of his twitter assaults.  Yes, people were calling Rich out last year for constantly talking about his wife’s cousin on TV, however, nothing warranted these attacks. I made a storify, then believed Rich when he went into damage mode begging for a truce, then Lisa made a new Storify.   You see, when all of Rich’s tweets were gathered, people started to send them to NBC who happens to own BravoTv. I saw that most of the photos were not available anymore- l luckily I was able to find copies because blogs like Stoopid Housewives posted them ( I sent them! LOL!) AND I WAS ABLE TO FIND MANY OF RICH’s DELETED TWEETS THROUGH FAV STAR. Now, this is the thing: not many of Rich’s tweets or anyone’s are there unless you are a member – Rich is not. However, after I presented my case, I was able to get some help and I will leave it at that.

This morning, I came on to twitter to Rich calling someone’s deceased father a pedo. It’s a very disturbing story and I am going to suggest you read it here.  I had put all the tweets together, but after looking at all of Rich’s nasty tweets, I’m all set. Go Read: LopezJlo I decided to republish these tweets after Rich pulled his stunt this morning despite the begging he did last year – which you will see for yourself below, at the bottom you will see a “Read Next Page Tab” make sure you click it, most people don’t notice. I also added a slide show of the tweets before the Storify  in the event you can’t view the storify.


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