Tori Spelling Is Going To Hunt “Emily Goodhand” Down For Next Season On “True Tori”

Lifetime literally enabled an addict.

Oh my goodness, Tori Spelling will never go away. Supposedly right now Tori is working on Mystery Girls, with former 90210 co-star, Jenny Garth and you would think with working on the show with Jenny – it would keep Tori busy.  You know, Tori does not have help.. Ahem.. with the kids.. According to Tori Spelling she doesn’t have a Nanny.. Oh,  remember, we told you about Tori wanting to renew her True Tori show?

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Tori Spelling appeared on Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live Show, Andy asked Tori about her making up the whole cheating scandal, (Note: I did watch it – but can’t find the link, if someone can tweet or leave the link in the comments that would be awesome) of course, BFF Jenny Garth chimed in and said, “How could you even make that up” Tori shot back with, “I’m not even that good of an actress, I excelled in comedy but not drama”  Bottom line is: Tori acted shock of the claims which is total bull you know what. When Tori wrote her “Open Letter” to Star Magazine, Tori got on Star for reporting her husband Dean was cheating. In the open letter Tori said of her publicists;

Well, my publicists are as good as you can get and they aren’t just business associates, I consider them close friends.

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For Tori to pretend she didn’t know about it is absurd. In Tori’s book, “Spelling It Like It Is“, Tori spoke of how she is addicted to the tabloids and you know her “friends” who work for her would let her know. Supposedly, Tori was tweeting when True Tori aired, such as: “I fight back” 

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Rewind, on the Finale of True Tori, remember, the staged questions with Brooke Anderson? Tori & Dean acted oblivious to Emily Goodhand disappearing off of the face of the earth and Dean said, “anyone could scrub their profile off the internet”?  Um, no, DEAN, it don’t work like that.

Anyhow, now according to the June 30th ( I know, it’s almost July 30th!)  issue of In Touch Magazine –  I just read, Tori is now going to search for Emily Goodhand and Tori wants Dean to write down a list of all the women he cheated on Tori with — how convenient , Tori didn’t want to know if there was other women on the last show of True Tori  I’m embarrassed for you Tori.  Pathetic. How can anyone not be disgusted? What about her kids? Even if it were true? Where do you draw the line, Tori?

See, this is where it’s getting ridiculous. Tori had everyone hating her mother, Candy Spelling, when her Father, Aaron Spelling died. Tori, said in a paid interview/pictures to U.S. Weekly, “I never got to say good-bye”  The funny thing about it is;  back  in 2006, PopSugar titled the post, “Tori Spelling Finally Lands A Cover” 

Tori Spelling Finally Lands A Cover


According to Candy Spelling, in her memoir, Candy At Last, Tori not being able to say good bye to her father –  was a lie for many reasons. Tori alienated herself from the family knowing her Father, Aaron Spelling, was dying, two weeks before Tori’s father, Aaron Spelling, died, Tori and her brother–behind Candy’s back arranged for Tori to come over and see her Dad.  Candy also explained she was upset with Tori and not for seeing her father–because Tori did not want to see her but was thankful Tori did go over and visit her Father because the family knew Aaron was slipping away.

At this point, I believe Candy. Just as Candy also said in her book, “Candy At Last”, she doesn’t understand why Tori is saying she is broke and why Tori lied and said her father did not leave them anything; according to Candy, Aaron Spelling gave Tori and her brother both big payouts years before he died. Remember, when Tori said she was surprised that her Dad didn’t leave anything then two years later said she knew what her Dad would leave her? Read about it in the link below.  All of that crap was planned by Tori to land their then show, Tori & Dean Inn Love. Sick. Tori is a liar. There, I said it.

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I think Tori is bothered that she is Aaron Spelling‘s daughter and as I said in my previous posts, she is not respected like her father was and she is creating these scandals and they are falling apart and she tries to covering up the mess she is making — it will catch up and she is only tainting her Father’s Legacy and embarrassing her children. . Just Stop Tori! Talk about TerrorTORIes.

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Tori Spelling Talent Or Not

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