Despite Reports, Apollo Nida Ordered To Pay $1,948,214.05 In Restitution, One Of The Places is HUD

UPDATE: VIEW ENTIRE ORDER HERE <– Apollo Nida Restitution


Apollo Nida Ripped of HUD! I can’t believe it, but then again, I can.

Despite reports, I have the court docs which I will update when I have a minute, Apollo Was ordered to pay..$1,948,214.05 I listed the below in rare order, I can’t wait to find out who posts these and not credit. I am tired of other sites not having the decency to credit and who usually post court docs when they don’t post just “Quote” knowing they got their “Quotes” from RealityTvScandals and not crediting, I have always credited, you would think the same respect would be given, not. Sorry for the rant, I usually don’t complain..


The Court Documents state; Apollo Nida Must Pay The Amount Below Immediately and is due by the time he is released, if not  ‘$250.00 plus 25% of
gross monthly income in excess of $2,300.00″


$127,011.52 to the IRS

$126,213.85 to HUD (APOLLO RIPPED OFF HUD? WTF?)

$87,761.65 U.S. Treasury

$15,778.00 State Of California

$45,525.68 State Of Connecticut

$28,349.80 State Of Iowa

$2,289.47 State Of Indiana

$954.00 State Of Mississippi

$665.44 State of Nebraska

$2,196.37 State of New York

$39,275.00 State Of Texas

$3,284.99 State Of Utah

$45.85 State of Vermont

$3,528.03 La County

$2,200.00 San D County

$7,612.26 State Of Wisconsin

$24,985.99 Delta Airlines

$319.52 Valhi

$277,000.00 Campus USA Credit Union

$100,000.00 Up2Drive

$43,006.20 Farmer’s St. Bank

$44,500.00 Nationwide Bank

$30,000.00 Capital Bank One

$45,000.00  Dig. Fed. CU

$35,000.00 Ga OWN CC

$25,000.00 Pateleloco Credit Union

$828,300.20 JP- Chase




Parcel Court Record




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