Part 3: ABC 2020 Allegedley Tells The Whole Story RE: Nanny From Hell, Diane Stretton and Ralph & Marcella Bracamonte

Diane Stretton Tells Her Side Of Story

Diane Stretton-Ralph-Marcella Bracamonte
Did you watch what I watched on 20/20 last night? Marcella Bracamonte is a stranger to the truth! Diane Stretton, if you are reading this, there is a message for you at the end of the post. There is also a note for you as well Marcella Bracamonte.



I have received many emails regarding last two posts here and here.  I have been in contact with someone who is close to the situation and have been saving it for this post since I knew ABC 20/20 would be doing an episode. Those for you who are unclear with Diane Stretton’s Health Condition, you can read about COPD here.

ABC 2020 did not tell both sides 100 %. For the host on, ABC2020 to end the show saying,  “ both sides of the stories are out there…” is ridiculous. 

Before we begin, I want to remind everyone of a few things:

1. The only reason I looked more into this is because I knew something was not right. You can read Part 1 here and Part 2 here

  1. 2. I love all of my Social Media friends, I know for a fact that if I knew them outside of Social Media we would be friends. However, please remember when you say; “If This Were Me” Please Remember, This WOULD NOT BE YOU!

I know for a fact you would not :

  • a. Allow someone from Craig’s List to move in your home.
  • b. You would not hire someone you just met to care for your kids in exchange for Room & Board only.
  • c. You would listen to the references, such as; When Kimberly Whitcomb told Marcella Bracamonte that Diane Stretton had health problems, you would not ignore it.  Remember?

I do want to be clear: I am not saying Diane Stretton is 100% correct in this situation, I do think her agreement (below)was not the brightest thing to do in this situation.  However, the Bracamonte’s flat out lied! Nothing irks me more when someone using the media to exaggerate a story -or- the media not looking into the full story  -or-  someone creating a media circus based on lies. So for those of you who tell me, “Let her Live With You” I would not be stupid enough to have someone move in with me and expect someone to do clean and watch my kids just to be; “apart of my family”.

Remember, this is was all set up so the Bracamontes could get Diane out of their home before the 4th of July because her sister, Julianne Ibarra, was getting married and Marcella and Ralph would be going away. We found out here.  I can’t say I blame the Bracamontes for wanting Diane out since they would be out of town,  however, by making it seem like the “Nanny”,  Diane was refusing to leave when a 30 day notice was given after refusing to the terms of the “Last Chance” letter was wrong. The “Last Chance” letter stated if  Diane did not perform her duties, Diane would have 30 days to find other accommodations.  Diane opted for the 30 days.  Watch 20/20 again, when Marcella & Ralph are on the phone, the person (who I assume is their attorney, Marc Cohen) said she [Diane]  will be out by the 4th of July, both Marcella and Ralph said, “that won’t work for us, we need her out by the 4th because we will be away”.  Marcella penned her “Last Chance” Letter on June 4th.

Let’s dissect what really happened.. When I say, “Let’s dissect what really happened” I mean, Let’s go by what Marcella said and posted on her FaceBook.

Keep in mind, the Bracamonte’s gave their rights to ABC..

Marcella - Post - June 29 - ABC HAS RIGHTS TO MY STORY

ABC 2020 SAYS Marcella Called The Media. ABC Made It Seem Marcella Had No Other Options.

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No, Marcella’s sister, Julianne Ibarra who works for Clear Water Media, as Marcella says, “This would not be possible out my sister“, I assume her sister, you know since Marcella was living in “fear” and all helped ink the deal so ABC could have rights to Marcella’s “Story”When one has “rights” to a story, a form of reimbursement is usually in place.


Diane Stretton was  NOT fired, DIANE QUIT! This is According to Marcella Bracamonte’s Facebook Group Page.  Remember the, “Last Chance” Open Letter Marcella posted on Facebook? It’s on Part 2 here and here is the PDF link. Marcella’s own words state;

Diane Stretton Gives 30 days

It says; “She [Diane] refused to sign, she told my husband she would be out of the house in 30 days, she said the job was too much for her” Marcella then says, “I asked her why as I stand there there at her bedroom door, she [Diane]  replies, “Cause it is not legal”  My source told me, Diane was calling the “Last Chance” letter  illegal because it was too much work in exchange for just room and board.  My source also said when Diane accepted the job, she had hopes getting a part time job to save up some cash.  You see now on 2020 how The Bracamonte’s say they just wanted her to work 10 hours a week (that’s a crock of you know what) Marcella then stated in her “Last Chance” letter  she posted a “Quit or Perform” Notice. Then Marcella States she was not interested in Diane performing due to her ‘Insubordinate Conduct and Pure Laziness” 

Marcella Posts a Quit or Perform Notice


First of all, if you look at Marcella’s FaceBook  page; during the time frame, this is not someone who is living in fear. They went away, they posted messages directed at Diane such as:

        Look at the PDF here  and her Facebook Page here and her Facebook Group Page here

Look at the PDF here and her Facebook Page here and her Facebook Group Page here

Also, Marcella’s Facebook Photos Here and also here is a PDF file in the event Marcella decides to delete -> Marcella Ibarra Bracamonte A FEW POSTS FROM AFTER JUNE 4th To July<- On June 4th she had a pool party. Here is a photo gallery of some of the photos and posts Marcella made during the time as well. I only posted a few in the PDF.

The Bracamontes Say They Did Not Harass Diane Stretton (THEY LIED!)

No, They Did Not Harass Her [Insert Sarcasm]

No, They Did Not Harass Her [Insert Sarcasm]

Marcella Was Looking For People To Come Over To Be Annoying As Well..

Marcella Needs People To Stay At Houe To Annoy Nanny

If you live in FEAR, would you allow your kids to sleep in the room across the hall from a scary Nanny and have your 4 year old knock on the Nanny’s door telling her dinner is ready and set cans of dog food out? You saw how Diane took pictures. Marcella had all the food locked up in the house.? No, I know you would not.  My kids would be in my bedroom with me, period. The child seemed coached on 2020. At the end, the child said; “My Mother Never Gives Up & Always Wins” When Nightline did their initial story, the host even said, The kids seem oblivious to what is going on”  You can watch it here, the link is at the top.

Nick WattRegarding Marcella’s “Pure Laziness” comment.  Diane was hired on March 4, 2014.  Tonight on ABC/2020, host Nick Watt narrated as the Bracamontes approved as what he was stating, “They Made Mother’s Day Dinner For Diane. Mother’s Day was May 11, 2014.  Ralph then says, “We asked her to be apart of our family” then Marcella said, “She quit working” after a couple weeks. Which it is? Ralph is claiming to have made Diane dinner for her on Mother’s Day (you know it was for Marcella, not Diane, but lets play along)  or what Marcella says; “she just quit working after a couple weeks”. Ralph then says, “She went away with us” Everything that Marcella and Ralph says Diane did was good.  That was allot of good things Diane did good in the first 2 weeks. My point is: They are making it seem as if Diane quit working completely after her first few weeks. Not the case. Diane Got Sick. In Marcella’s Open Letter, Marcella  says;

I am very bothered that you originally did not tell me the extent of your COPD. I am upset that you took on such a physically demanding position when you knew I had three kids. I am not sure if you thought you were just going to showup to some vacation. I just don’t really understand.

Hello. This is why a person in their right mind would not take a job to be a part of a family. Who is retired; this was Marcella’s preference in her Craig’s List ad, just to be apart of your family in return for payment to clean your hours and take care of your children 30 – 50 hours a week.  The only type of person is going to take it, is someone who does not have a place to go. Who else in their right mind would take it other than a teenager or someone who is not here legally?

Nanny Room And Board Ad - NO PAY



Also, Kimberly Whitcomb told Marcella Bracamonte that Diane Stretton had health problems, a normal person would not ignore a statement like that who was looking for someone to care for their kids.   Remember?

Nick Watt says, (narrate)  “Diane said she won’t leave unless the Bracamonte’s be out of the house between 8am and 5pm daily”  then the camera cuts over to to Ralph and Marcella on the phone, it appears they are talking talking to their attorney, Marc Cohen, you hear the person on the other end of the phone say, “She wants to stay 3 more nights” Nick is narrating and starts to say, “Under her terms” Referring to Diane’s old terms, it was mentioned that Diane had gave terms the Bracamonte’s had to be out of their house between 8am and 5 pm. My source told me;

After Marcella Called the cops after Diane refused to sign and gave them her 30 days notice, things were bad.

Note: Marcella did say in the “Last Chance” letter she called the cops. 

“The Bracamontes had unreasonable expectations for someone in Diane’s condition.”

i.e.  64 years old in her condition, they had agreed in the beginning if things did not work out, both parties would give a 30 day notice”


I can’t understand how someone could expect for someone [Diane] to not only watch their kids for those long hours [during the week from 9-12 then 1pm – 3:45pm] and all the cleaning just for a room.  Diane did not eat as Marcella made it seem because she [Diane] would come down here and get food.

On to Diane’s Agreement she wrote up for the Bracamonte’s (this is important for below)

Diane only wrote that agreement up because Marcella called the cops on Diane for not giving Marcella the TV back when they were discussing why Diane would not sign the contract. Diane knew she was in for a month of hell and Diane wrote that agreement up so she could barter down.

Whatever that means; “Barter Down”

My source went on to say;

The cops told them [Bracamontes] there was nothing they could do.  Marcella was making life hell for Diane by shutting her access off to wifi, not supplying her basic necessities, you have to remember, Diane had nothing.  Diane wanted to get a part time job for cash. Diane counted on the internet. They were being cruel, it was mean what they did”

Notice, Nick didn’t ask about this, if he did, they didn’t air it!

My Source Finished By Saying;

Diane only said, “Marcella & The Kids will be out of the house from 8 am – 5 pm, because, Marcella demanded Diane be out of her bedroom from them hours and Marcella was making her life hell, Ralph was not as bad as Marcella was.

Note: The many times I communicated with this person, he or she made it clear that Ralph was not at all as bad as Marcella was. My source also said;

 Marcella was having the kids taunt her with knocking on her door and setting dog food cans out side her door and saying, “dinner is ready” Diane wanted to make an impossible agreement to barter down to having the basic needs met. They did not even let her use the toilet paper.

Basic Needs Meaning: Given Access to healthier food (which by law and common sense; Diane should have been paid) and her bathroom be stocked because Marcella hid the toilet paper as Marcella said in her “Last Chance” Letter, she took everything out of the bathroom. Now,  was this a smart thing for Diane to do? No. You can see it here: Diane Stretton Contract my source also stressed that Diane did not expect them to be out of the home. Diane was upset because Marcella was telling people lies about her, she would talk about her on the phone while she was in the room – this was before the media was involved.

Marc Cohen

Nick Watt, again starts to narrate Diane said;  “she won’t leave unless the Bracamonte’s be out of the house between 8am and 5pm daily” (Remember my note above, “this is important for below?)  Nick is making it seem like they are talking about the agreement we just discussed. No.   When the media circus started, Diane said she would be out by the 4th, as long as the weather was not too bad. What people do not realize is according to my source is; Diane is in really bad health.

When The Bracamonte’s say they only wanted Diane Stretton to work 10 hours a week.. FAIRY TALE!  You saw the the “Last Chance Letter”  here it Remember, Marcella said in this letter that Diane’s (new) duties were less now in the new agreement that she wanted Diane to sign.

I posted a video for you. Pay Attention to Mark Watt, when Mark states, “Anything over 20 hours” Then Marcella gets pissed off..Just as Marcella’s little buddies got prissy and called the host of vbs Los Angelas a “D!ck” because he dared to ask if Marcella knew what she was doing was illegal.

I’m done repeating myself. The Bracamonte’s are liars.  If I were Diane Stretton I would sue their home owners insurance and go after Marcella for back pay, this is what Marcella is really afraid of.

Marcella, Your FaceBook Group Page suggests you want to be a voice for homeowners who have tenants. Let me save you time, post a big sticky note that says;

Do not break Federal Law like I did and expect for someone to live in your home and take your of your kids and tell them the “pay” is to be apart of your family like I did. By law, you have to pay them. Also when you invite someone to live in your home on a basis like this, they then have rights as a tenant does because you are allowing them to live in your home. Anyone in Diane’s place would be the only type to take such a job. (See above)

Don’t quit your day job Marcella.


My source said for you to get in touch. I assume you know the person is because he or she said you went there to eat. Keep In Mind: This was well over a week ago. If you have not been in touch with him or her, get in touch. Also, I have received letters of offers of help for you. Email me, it’s on my contact page.  Leave a comment on one of my posts and let me know if you email me. I do try to check my email daily.

That goes for anyone else, if you email me, let me know in the comments you sent an email.
What are you doing? Watch this video…

OOPS I FORGOT THIS ONE! THE MEDIA ACCORDING TO MARCELLA, this is of course if the media only asks certain questions..The Lord is good and the media is Marcella’s Knight and Shining Armor..

Marcella Loves The Media, Apparantly This Is God's Work Marcella media my knight and armour