Update: Apollo Nida Sentenced to 8 Years, Blames Childhood, Has Not Been Given Date To Surrender + Apollo Speaks Out

Update 3:

I just found this article, it’s an old article, but it lists him as a “Asset Recovery” specialist. You mean to tell me Phaedra did not know? Read more.. 

Don’t forget, Apollo was already on Parole.

I seem to remember Apollo Nida on HLN with Phaedra Parks talking about how he was in Boot Camp, how is this “Drug Program” that Apollo does not have going to stop him? He married an attorney, who you would think in normal circumstances would catch on, Apollo said in the “The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Husband episode, Apollo had got a car for Phaedra and then suddenly Phaedra decided he did not want the car, why do you think Phaedra did not want it?

I’m sorry, but this is wrong. Gayla is in jail, she cooperated, she did not get the chances and opportunities Apollo has and still is getting.  For S2s, to ask if the sentence was too tough or too harsh, after they gave him a platform to tell his lies, lie and say he introduced Angela Stanton to Phaedra Parks is a joke. I’m disgusted.

Update 2:

More docs are sealed… The one I got which I will put up later, working on our Court Document Section right now..

What is Apollo Nida hiding? Anyhow, according to court docs;

” The court heard two guideline objections from defense counsel – criminal
history (overruled) and role in offense (sustained)(C.H. – IV O.L. – 24 92
-115 months).

Apollo’s defense argued for accurate restitution accounting. The court adopted and approved the PSR as modified and made it the findings of the court. The defendant’s mother and brother spoke on Apollo’s
behalf. Defense counsel argued for variance due to “poor upbringing” and over represented criminal history. Are you serious right now?

Defense counsel requested 500 hour drug program, Atlanta camp designation and voluntary surrender. For what? What Drug Problem does Apollo have? Interesting the government recommended a low end guideline range sentence of 92 months. The court denied variance for poor upbringing and over represented criminal history. The court set restitution hearing for 7/17/2014 at 10:30am. The court imposed sentence- CBOP – 96 MONTHS as to count one of the information. Supervised Release – 5 YEARS, with standard and special conditions of supervision.Special Assessment – $100.00. Apollo also has  “Appeal Rights”

On top of sentence, Apollo is required to pay $4.5 million dollar restitution. What’s funny about that, when Apollo gave an interview to Sister2sister mag, he bragged of making $30k a month, but recently had his $9k house reposed by the government. Working on getting the documents.


According to RadioTv,

“Judge Charles Pannell, under sentencing guidelines, could have given him anywhere from 92 to 115 months. The government was okay with the lower end of those guidelines. Pannell went slightly above the 92 months partly because white collar criminals of his ilk tend to have a high rate of recidivism, Pannell said on the stand.

Apollo when questioned;

Nida, dressed in a tan suit and wearing a beard and mustache thicker than seen on the television show, questioned the slightly harsher 96-month sentence to the judge and appeared annoyed after the hearing. “The government did what they had to do,” Nida said before entering the elevator the downtown federal courthouse. When asked if he was unhappy about the sentence, he said, “Whatever the judge gave.”

According to  to Reginald G. Moore, Special Agent in Charge of the United States Secret Service stated, 

Today’s sentencing exemplifies impartial justice regardless of economic class or perceived celebrity status.  Nida’s sentence should be an eye opener for other like-minded criminals who scheme to steal victims’ identities, defraud them and ignore the consequences of their actions,”

Um, not really, Apollo Nida has no remorse whatsoever.  Apollo did apologize, but honestly,  Apollo is a career criminal per his criminal record and is only sorry because he got caught.

Alana Black, the assistant U.S. attorney, told the judge that Nida was given a golden second chance in 2009 to start his life on the right foot when he married Phaedra who had a comfortable income. But she said he squandered it by going straight into his white-collar criminal ways. The judge ultimately favored the prosecution on that count.

As we said here before, Apollo, started right back up after he was released in in 2009, all you have to do is look at his indictment here,  Nida opened a fake debt collection agency to gain access to databases full of individual’s personal information. He would then steal people’s ID and find unclaimed funds, refunds from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, stolen U.S. treasury checks and refunds from fraudulent U.S. income tax returns, this was an organized criminal scheme. With the rime and effort put in, do you understand the intelligence and smarts one must have to pull it off? Sure, anyone can open a business, but it’s laundering the money is the hard part. 

I wonder how Gayla St Julien feels since Apollo is not in Jail Yet?


According to SandraRose, Apollo Nida received 8 years for snitching on his co – stars. Interesting to note — Phaedra Parks WAS NOT AT SENTENCING. Prosecutors  seeked maximum sentence possible.

According to BlogRadioTv


Apollo’s mother was very emotional. She gave a statement saying that she was not a good mother, she was a cocaine addict who was in and out of prison. She had no husband. Apollo had no father.  Apollo was granted a voluntary surrender so that he can be out until he is assigned a prison. He was also given a drug and alcohol program. This is one of the only ways to get your federal time reduced. Apollo doesn’t have a drug or alcohol problem and this is simply good lawyering by his attorney. He attorney also got the promise of placement in a facility as near to Atlanta as possible so that his children can visit him.

TamraTattles made a good point by saying;

This is beyond a light sentence. He gets a reduction for being stupid and [redacted]? He gets a reduction for a drug problem he doesn’t have? He gets voluntary surrender so that he can do some season 7 filming?  What is the deal with this judge? He sentenced him as a Category 5 and he gets 8 years?


So, Apollo has a date to surrender and will not be in jail today as we predicted in our previous post here.

Will be back to update.  Something is not right here.  I have bumped heads with Tamara before, but something is not right, and I do agree, “He gets a reduction for a drug problem he doesn’t have? He gets voluntary surrender so that he can do some season 7 filming? “