Angela Stanton To Make Appearance At Apollo Nida’s Sentence Today, Will Apollo Go To Jail Today?

SandraRose , blogger extraordinaire the one who broke the news of the Apollo Scandal, is reporting Angela Stanton is to make appearance at Apollo’s sentence today.

Angela Stanton

Angela, according to SandraRose is going to ask the judge for a harsh sentence because  Apollo Nida and Phaedra Parks had-made it impossible for her to sell her book, Real Lies Of A Housewife, To Tell The Truth & Shame The Devil. 


When Angela Stanton wrote her book, Real Lies of A Housewife, Phaedra and her attorney’s made it all but possible for Angela to sell her book.  Phaedra’s attorney’s AT THE TIME, bullied bloggers such as the late LynnNchicago and threatened to sue if anyone even dared talked about the book on their website, Phaedra Parks sued Vibe magazine which vibe, subsequently they  settled for a mere $2,500 according to court documents (I will get those up today)

When we posted this post, “Justin Cody, Phaedra Parks “Star Witness” Sentenced in Angela Stanton’s defamation Case Sentenced

Justin Cody


We also noted how Phaedra Parks then attorney, Bonnie Jo Bernstein, harassed Angela Stanton on twitter.  Who is Justin Cody? Justin, known as “Decatur Slim” is a father to Angela’s children (to maintain anonymity for the minors involved; the names, ages, how many are redacted  etc.) Phaedra had nerve to ask Justin to be a witnesses for her. After Angela talked sense in to Justin, according to court records provided by Angela’s attorney, Justin in the long run decided to the right thing and tell the truth, told what he knew.  (Read Below)


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Then, came James Radford.  James had represented Angela long before the Apollo Nida Scandal broke involving Gayla St Julien, when Apollo was arrested, James spoke up his client Angela Stanton, because just about every site started to back track on their claims that Angela Stanton was a liar etc. James was merely giving his client a voice and letting the public know, his client is human, and has a right to tell her story.

James Radford, Represents Angela Stanton Pro Bono

Phaedra eventually sued Angela Stanton as well. To the truth, as as Paul Andrew said in one document, “His client [Phaedra] will likely drop the case, one can’t help but to think Phaedra did not bring this case on other than to block Angela from telling her story. Phaedra refused to sit for a deposition in her own case. Who does that?

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So it’s no surprise now that Angela Stanton is going to sue Phaedra Parks.


Already, Apollo is expected to get due to his criminal past. We told you yesterday, Apollo’s attorney’s asked for a downward sentence since Apollo’s crimes were so serious and his passed crimes as well. Read the details and the court documents on the link below.

The big question is: Will Apollo Nida go to jail today if sentenced? Sometimes when federal sentenced are handed down, the inmate is allowed to stay out and surrender him or herself by a certain date.

We will keep you updated on Apollo Nida’s Sentencing. In the meantime, please read the links through out the post. Read:  Court Documents: Apollo Nida  Pleades For Leniency 

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It seems Angela Stanton is the only one who was able to stay out of trouble out of that mess.

All court documents related to:

Gayla St Julien Directory Here

Apollo Nida Directory Here.

I do want to say, I know in no way am cheering that Apollo is going away. Two more children will grow up with out a father — that is sad.

However, Apollo’s rimes speaks volumes.

Also, according to Angela Stanton, Apollo reached out to her when her book came out,
Real Lies Of A Housewife” and asked, “How can we fix this”  After Angela refused to be bribed, the subsequent lawsuits followed.

RealityTvScandals is proud of Angela Stanton, she has overcome and still is overcoming hurdles and trying to get her life together.

Please, If you want to purchase Lies Of A Real Housewife, purchase the Kindle Version and not the hard back version here