Part 1: Live In Nanny Nightmare? Are Marcella and Ricardo “Ralph” Bracamonte, Victims or Soon To Be Felons?

Part 1: Live In Nanny Nightmare? Are Marcella and Ricardo “Ralph” Bracamonte, Victims or Soon To Be Felons?
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I know this is RealityTVScandals“, however, last night I watched Night Line and read the the DailyMailUk, since then, the media is reporting a very one sided story regarding Ricardo “Ralph”  &  Marcella Bracamonte  and not looking at the whole picture, no one will, I will. Also, I will forward this to all my media contacts as well. I want the issue to be noticed because something is NOT right here.  This does not make sense.

Meet Ricardo “Ralph”  Bracamonte  and Marcella Bracamonte

Marcello and Ralph
As I watched Night Line last night, I felt bad for the couple.. Until more details emerged, discussing it with others and looking at the whole picture.

If you did not watch,  here is the link – it’s only the first 5 minutes

Marcella put an ad on Craig’s List for a “Live In Nanny” aka double duty; Nanny and House Keeper, you know because that’s the professional and safe place to go to find someone to care for your kids and all..according to Marcella she found all her other “Nanny’s like this”  Pay close attention to the ad following the article that came out in the DailyMailUk, then we will look at the whole picture.

If you can't read the ad, I have a print version below

Nanny Room And Board Ad - NO PAY

Hmm Maybe that's why the Bracamonte's are looking for another Nanny?

The DailyMailUk ran an article this morning stating, Diane Stretton was homeless for 9 nine years and her friend Kimberly Whitecomb gave a raving review, also Diane Stretton is a serial litigant. I am posting some quotes below the photos and then I will discuss a few of the one million things that is wrong with this situation.


Photo Credit: DailyMailUk

Meet Kimberly Whitcomb                            Photo Credit: DailyMailUk

Diane Stretton  Photo Credit: Daily Mail Uk and CBS

Meet Diane Stretton
Photo Credit: Daily Mail Uk and CBS

According to the DailyMailUk

MailOnline can now exclusively reveal that Ms Stretton was homeless and living in her car before she got the job with the Bracamontes.

Kimberly Whitcomb, a friend of the rogue nanny, told MailOnline: ‘She’s been homeless for about nine years.  She was staying in the homeless shelter (Path of Life) in Riverside.

‘She was struggling and looking for another place and I said check Craigslist, they always have all kinds of odd stuff on there.

‘She found the nanny job and I encouraged her to go for it.’

Kimberly,- who lived in the same apartment block as Stretton’s son, Michael, and began collecting her mail for her when he moved to Arizona, even provided a reference for her friend.

‘She got an interview with the lady and went out there and saw her. She used me as a personal reference and she had another friend from the shelter as a personal reference,’ said Whitcomb. ‘I spoke to the woman Marcella, I recommended Diane as a good person, as a nanny and as someone you can trust.

‘She’s very professional, she’s got a master’s degree in something, I think it’s biochemistry. But she has health issues, osteoporosis and arthritis.’

Stretton recently lost her spot at the homeless shelter and was living in her car with a suitcase of her possessions.

You hear that? “But she has health issues”

The shelter is limited as to when you can go in there and they want the newest people on the street in there. So she lived in her car for days at a time. It could be for a couple of days at a time or it could be a week,’ according to Whitcomb. ‘She would park it in an empty lot somewhere like a grocery store or department store.

‘She has a Pontiac Grand Am, silver, four door. She had a suitcase with her belongings, to carry around for hygiene or whatever.’

Asked if the Bracamontes were aware Stretton was a homeless person, Kimberly said: ‘No, I don’t think so. They didn’t ask that and I didn’t volunteer it. I think she had been in her car a couple of days at least [when she got the job.

‘When she [Diane] got it she was real happy about being able to have her own place… she was like “I’m really glad I found this place, it’s a nice area.” She said it was nice and roomy. I think she did like the family, she said they gave her a hug and the kids were cute and all that.’

However, having seen the news reports about the family’s anguish to have her leave – Whitcomb urged her friend to move out.

She said: ‘I think she should move out, but I don’t honestly know what the problem is.

‘It’s hard to defend her because I don’t know all the facts. It might have been a situation where they just got into a disagreement and it just accelerated out of control from there.  

Maybe she’s battling some kind of depression or mental illness that we’re unaware of. There’s got to be something physical going on that’s affecting her emotionally that makes her unable to work and keep her promises.

‘She could be in a lot of pain. I would think she would want to go to the doctors and check it out and find out what could be done. I’m concerned for her.

‘She probably should be evaluated by a psychiatrist to find out what’s really going on.’

Asked where her friend would go when she is evicted, Kimberly Whitcomb replied that she would have to go back to the shelter or live in her car.

‘She’s got no property at all and she doesn’t have enough money to get whatever she needs. She is probably not wanting to go back.’

Stretton told Ralph and Marcella that she was suffering from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and that she was unable to leave her room and help with the kids.

Initially concerned for her, the Bracamonte’s decided that they couldn’t have her living in their home anymore when she simply refused to do anything around the house.

However, serious problems began June 6 when they came to her with what they called a ‘last chance letter’, which outlined the terms of their initial agreement and threatening her with eviction if she continued to do nothing. source

 Diane Stretton is a serial litigator. But is Diane right in this case? So far, a judge agreed.

And as the Bracamonte’s discovered, this was not the first time that Stretton has clashed in the courts with families – including her own.

She has been involved in 36 lawsuits, ensuring she has made California’s Vexatious Litigant list, for abusing the system.

Why am I upset?

If you can’t make out what the ad says above, read the ad again;

1 br – Room and board in exchange for house cleaning and caring my kids (Upland)

I am starting a business.  And I have to leave throughout the day. So when I do leave for a couple hours at a time I need someone with my children.  I need back up on keeping the house clean and getting the start on the meals for family. I normally so [sic] all this but my new business ya [sic] keeping me busy. I am looking for someone long term, who preferably get a retirement and just wants to be a part of a family. This is no pay, just room and board. Our home is beautiful part of Upland [California] on 13th and San Antonio. It is 3,000 sq ft and we are a loving family. I have a 10 year old who is homeschooled [sic] and a 4 year old and a 11 month old. .

At the bottom, I believe it says,

“Understand, I will perform a background check”

What do you expect to get when you put an ad like that out? On Craig’s List? To be fair, I can’t see the whole ad. I was going to say there is no request for resumes, but no Professional Nanny or person in their right mind would respond to an ad like this and this couple knows it.  Marcella and Ralph are looking for someone who is willing to be a Nanny and a Part Time House Keeper and not pay a dime. Marcella said her business she is starting keeps her busy, it is only going to get more busy, but when you are not willing to dig in your pockets or go to a Professional Nanny Service such as Care, this is what you will end up with:


Diane Stretton  Photo Credit: Daily Mail Uk and CBS

Diane Stretton
Photo Credit: Daily Mail Uk and CBS

Someone who is in need of room and board like Diane Stretton is. Someone who perhaps is a serial litigator by right or career. Someone is who is not Healthy. Someone who is homeless. Someone who may not be here legally (Diane is), Someone who knows the system by right or fault. Someone who has no where to go.

You can’t play victim when you know better – Ralph and Marcella.

The  Bracamontes said the Nanny [Diane Stretton] quit working and they want her out, which is understandable. Some outlets reported  Diane Stretton had Health Issues which caused her to stop working, see above where Kimberly Whitcomb also mentions the Health Issues.  According to the Bracamonte’s, “everything was going great at the beginning; the nanny was cooking and cleaning and going places with us” On the Night Line video, Marcella says her 11 year old really liked the Nanny and would tease the Nanny and Grandmother have competition.  (I wonder if Marcella would want her Mother to be a live in Nanny for some wealthy family for just room and board?) We don’t know Diane’s side of the story, because the Bracomonte’s felt it was necessary to humiliate the woman and invite a news crew in to ask her why she will not leave and serve her with papers.

Diane Stretton Served In Front Of Cameras, how Convenient?

Let’s say Diane was not a serial litigant. What the Bracamonte‘s do not understand, what they are doing is illegal and something what is called, “Nanny Exploitation”  and breaking the law, not just any law; Federal Law! FEDERAL LAW REQUIRES ,

“Live in Nanny’s must be paid at least min wage for hours worked” Read It For Your Self Here.

Why is the media not reporting this? This is where I am going to beg Care to get involved in this and speak out. I do not condone what Diane Stretton is doing, but what the Bracamonet’s are doing is worse and they know better. They are your average wealthy young family, however, they do not want to pay SOMEONE TO LOOK AFTER THEIR OWN CHILDREN, their so called (lack of) back ground check was an epic fail,  they want someone who  is retired (they know a young person would never commit to this, there is no way out for them!) or not working, so they are free and don’t have a job already so this person can raise their kids and clean their house all in exchange for a room off to the side by the bathroom and board, which the “Nanny” most likely had to cook for the family.

Marcella can say all she wants it is “Part Time”, but what is part time? 3 hours in the morning and 5 hours at night? This woman has no chance of getting on her own or anyone in this situation. No one else takes into account, this is why the couple wants someone who is retired; why didn’t the Bracamonte’s  have Diane Stretton get a physical? I don’t mean to sound harsh, but come on, the lady is not young, she is 64 years old. Especially since the age of retirement goes up every year. You would think, since this person will be caring for your kids — you can’t just rely on someone to say they are healthy.. Oh, that’s right, Kimberly Whitcomb told Marcella this woman had health issues. We can’t get mad at Kimberly Whitcomb for not volunteering the information Diane Stretton is homeless; then again, would that make a difference to Ralph and Marcella? I think NOT. Did the Bracemonte’s  know Diane Stretton  was homeless to begin with? Did they ever bother to ask?  Ralph and Marcella should have been concerned why an older lady just wants to be a part of someone else’s family; as the Marcella said in ad.  And where Diane Stretton‘s  family? What the Bracamonte’s do not realize is; all the finger pointing they are doing, they have four fingers pointing back at them.

Nanny Room

Marcella’s version of “part time help” who knows how many hours that is.  Remember, they have 3 kids, Ages 11, 4 and 11 months, the older one is home schooled – who knows who home schools the kid. Marcella?The Nanny? I can’t see Marcella & Ralph paying someone to home school the 11 year old when this couple is not responsible enough when it comes to a Nanny for her own children.

After the media storm started — that Marcella is so proud of, this is where Diane Stretton was last seen: hiding in her car, this is sad.

Photo Credit: DailyMail UK and ABC

Photo Credit: DailyMail UK and ABC

This is Ralph Bracamonte’s  Facebook Page.

This is the only comment since the media circus

(Sorry Ralph and Marcella, Look at your FaceBook TOS, when you publish pictures and your account is open for the public too see, it’s called “Fair Use” See My CopyRightTroll Page.

Photo Credit: Ricardo "Ralph" Licos Bracamonte FaceBook Page

Photo Credit: Ricardo “Ralph” Licos Bracamonte FaceBook Page



Now, here is  Marcella Bracamonte FaceBook Page

Marcella got her family in this situation because she did not want to pay for a Nanny and a Housekeeper, she wanted two for the price of  one and to pay nothing: $0.00

Care, Please, This Couple Can Not Have People Think What They Did Is Okay and “Help Others”

Marcella Bracamonte FaceBook Post 2

Guess what Marcella? So does Nanny Exploitation .People like you [Marcella] and your husband who break Federal Laws; because you want things and don’t want to pay. You [Marcella and Ralph] wanted a Nanny and a House Keeper  in exchange for a room and board. Oh, the board? Marcella is making sure Diane Stretton is not eating.  I do not buy for one minute that Marcella and Ralph are afraid of being poisoned. In the video Marcella says so, but she also grins and says, “she is not eating my food”  and even locked up all the canned goods. This couple is sneaky and manipulative. fridge lock

Then there is this post

Photo Credit: Marcella Bracamonte FaceBook 

Photo Credit: Marcella Bracamonte FaceBook

We bet you would Marcella, you are enjoying this media attention.

Photo Credit: Marcella Bracamonte FaceBook 

Photo Credit: Marcella Bracamonte FaceBook

Will Marcella and Ralph enjoy the media attention when the Networks report fairly and call this couple out for breaking Federal Laws? I’m sure Marcella and Ralph will play dumb, you know, this is why they put an ad Craigs List in the first place instead of going to a PROFESSIONAL NANNY SERVICE  like Care, because Nanny’s at Care are not in desperate situations. Only a desperate person who wants to be apart of someone else’s family and is retired/not working and is willing to work for no money and do two jobs (House Keeping and Nanny) would take a job like this.  Did Ralph and/or Marcella grow up with a “Live In Nanny” and learn this? I hate to think anyone could or would be so selfish in the first place and expect so much from one person let alone from someone in who is their 60’s and 70’s.  They can’t think this is okay? They had to of learned this from someone, right? The Bracemonte’s got what they deserved as far as I am concerned. Nothing makes me more upset than people like Marcella  Bracamonte and  Ralph Bracamonte, who take advantage.  Diane Stretton is no Saint. The husband is a contractor for crying out loud. Think about what a contractor does? This “man” could not even “contract” appropriate care for his own children because he did not want to pay, what kind of man is he? He wanted to give a room in his house in exchange for something that would have ran him over $2,500 a month. Shame on you Ralph and Marcella.  This isn’t a situation helping a friend out either – obviously. 

Remember the India Diplomat that was deported for not paying her Nanny min wage? Where are the authorities regarding this situation? Especially since they are welcoming the media attention?

Again, by no means am I saying Diane Stretton is a saint because she is not, however, this happens all to often and we do not know about it. The difference is:  You get couples like The Bracamonte’s who normally hire illegal immigrants/aliens instead of someone who is a citizen of U.S.A. to be their “Live In Nanny/Slave” and at times will be “generous” and pay them $10 a day (which is still way below min wage) to send home to their families and it rarely makes the news. The only reason why we are hearing about this couple is: The Nanny Is A Resident of The United States and The Nanny refuses to leave. What we are not hearing is, The Nanny will not leave because she has no where to go because she was paid no money.

Paying a stranger room and board in exchange for caring for your children and cleaning your home, by not having a game plan if something should happen such as; you fire them, this is what happens.  As Marcella said in the video, “it happens all the time, you tell the person to get out and they leave” Marcella thought she could throw Diane Stretton out. Marcella said, “I asked her why she wouldn’t sign and she [Diane] said it was not legal, I knew this would not be fun after she said that”  they thought they could just throw this woman out.  Normally a Nanny can’t get out of situations like this because they are here illegally. This couple is no different from people who hire illegal aliens to care for their kids and pay them nothing.  The couple had no concerns where Diane Stretton lived previously for obvious reasons.

Care, people can not think it is okay to hire people as “Live In Nanny’s” and get away with it.