Disgraced former Playboy Live in Fake Girl Friend To Hugh Hefner, Kendra Wilkinson Wishes Her Mother Patti Wilkinson Dead and Husband Hank Baskett Moves Out

Disgraced former fake girl friend to Hugh Hefner and Playboy free loader now turned Reality TV Participant who has no talent other than being a ditz Kendra Wilkinson thought money was more important and decided back in October of 2013 to  announce with a  Clear Blue Tweet  she was pregnant.  A.K.A. a pimp tweet -= Kendra got paid.  At the time, Kendra’s followers that were real and not the fake ones she has voiced their disgust over how Kendra announced her pregnancy. It’s no different than doing a magazine spread I suppose, but it’s sad that companies actually pay people who.. well.. like Kendra Wilkinson who pretend to use their products.  I don’t buy it.  I think Kendra knew she was pregnant before that tweet and did not use Clear Blue. Sounds like someone else we know..

The Tweets Is No Longer There (Cliick Link To See For Yourself. I wonder how #clearblue feels about it after writing Kendra a check?

The Tweets Is No Longer There (Click Link To See For Yourself. I wonder how #clearblue feels about it after writing Kendra a check?

No one can blame a girl for making a buck, especially when you have no talent, no work skills or can not hold a job.  Kendra’s series on the E! channel ended, I assume from bad ratings and now WeTv is going to bless Kendra’s fan base with another season of Kendra’s  Reality TV Show, Kendra On Top”.  Notice no “Kendra and Hank”? Just saying. Kendra’s Mother Patti Wilkonson, dared to post on Facebook back in October that she was disappointed her own daughter did not call her own Mother to tell her she was pregnant and find out from the media.  Apparently that pissed Kendra off because she called her mother Patti, this was the first time Patti had heard from her daughter  in a while,  Kendra dared to question why she would post something on Facebook. Patti was only replying to her friends.  Watch the video above courtesy of RadarOnLine and read their post here. One of the things that Kendra said to her Mother was, “I hope you die” Patti also stated that she thinks Kendra only had her grandmother on the show because it was for the cameras. When you film a Reality TV Show — it’s exhausting.  You have to re enact scenes, make sure the cameraman gets a mic pack on you when you get there, it’s allot to ask of someone, especially when they are not getting paid.  When you have your own show on Reality TV, you have to have friends and family on, you can not just have the cameras on you 24/7, it would be boring to watch.

Kendra Wilkonson mother Patti Wilkinson

I remember the couple times I did watch Kendra’s show on E!, Kendra was rude to her Mother and annoying in general.  Another time Kendra had told her friend that if her husband Hank Baskett did not have a job she would pack Hank Jr up  (Kendra and Hank’s son) and move back to the mansion – The Playboy mansion. That’s a good place to raise your kid Kendra. Did you ever think Hugh Hefner only said, “you can come anytime” just to be nice? Good luck with that, Kendra. I can see it now, a judge ruling in Hank’s favor.

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Anyhow, I had to laugh because here is Kendra; someone who is not bright, no talent other than taking her clothes off (lets be honest here!)  if it weren’t for her taking her clothes off and pretending to have an 81 year old boyfriend, Hugh Hefner,  Kendra would have never lived at the Playboy mansion.  Kendra did “attend” massage therapy school while at the mansion, but the time they showed Kendra in that environment – Kendra complained the whole time.  Back to Hank Baskett, Kendra’s husband.  Did you ever notice shows like Basketball Wives or wives who have husbands that are athletes –  you really don’t see any “behind the scenes” except if it is on ESPN? Or in Hank’s place, how many teams he played for even after the cameras started to follow him? If not, check out Hank Baskett Wiki Page  The NFL eventually just let Hank go. Did you also notice that Hank wasn’t really in to the cameras either? He may be now, only because when you make a living on Reality TV – or try too like some other people we know it’s hard to find a job and we have witnessed that with many people who appeared on Reality TV.   What would Kendra do if she and Hank divorced and the cameras stopped following her? Kendra already took the tweet down of her announcing she was pregnant after Clear Blue paid Kendra.  Why? Isn’t that a milestone in your life? This is the woman who said on her show that nothing is off limits. Believe me, I don’t care that Kendra took the tweet down, I am just making a point; when a company pays you money to advertise their product —  you live up to your end of the deal. Do you think other companies will trust Kendra?  More Importantly, are you going to use a product because this ditz ball uses it? Will Kendra try to live off of child support in the Playboy mansion? I say that because there were rumors Hank left Kendra, now according to RadarOnLine, it’s not looking to good.

I believe Kendra’s mother when she says fame got to Kendra, I am telling you, I bet you any money Kendra is going to say her mother is waiting for her 15 minutes of fame.  It already makes Kendra mad that her Mother is recognized. Why do people act like that? That’s what all Reality TV Participants say when someone calls them out. It’s hypocritical to tell anyone that especially when the Participant is doing just that: Seeking Fame. Why do these people who go on TV and get a few minutes of fame and think the world owes them something?

Kendra’s “team” is aware of what is being reported and so far, no comment, I hope for Kendra’s sake, Kendra at least reconciles with her G’Mother. Her grandmother was getting up their in age when they showed her visiting Kendra at the mansion. Is her Grandmother still alive? I can’t find anything on Google. You would think after Kendra pretending to have a stroke for ratings  Kendra would value life more and appreciate what she has before she looses it all. Hell, Hugh Hefner is not going to be around forever. I know we don’t know both sides of the story, but I can tell you one thing, if Kendra only “resolves” this in front of the cameras – that proves Kendra is no different from all these other famewhores out there,  call me harsh, but I have heard so many things that Kendra has done in public to servers, how she treats her husband – can’t blame Hank for leaving.  I was never interested in anything Kendra so I never posted it, after hearing Kendra wished her mother dead.. I thought I would  do a “Kendra” post.  I am proud of Kendra’s brother, Colin Wilkinson for putting his foot down.

Photo Credit: Daily Mail UK 

Photo Credit: DailyMailUk

Photo Credit: DailyMailUk

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