Tori Spelling Driving Neighbors Mad, Plus Dean McDermott’s Son Deleted Tweets

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Who didn’t see this coming? This is not a rumor, this is real; this source has a name:  Edward Ohrabian, 65, from Encino California, Edward is fed up with his neighbors Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott. 

Edward tells RadarOnLine;

“I’ve been here 14 years and no one has ever parked where I live,” Ohrabian continued, “except if I have family over for Thanksgiving or holidays. Now, there’s no space. It’s not fun!

The troubled TV couple, who are in the midst of well-publicized financial and marital strains, haven’t even introduced themselves to the longtime residents in the area, their neighbors claim.

“They avoid me, I avoid them!” Ohrabian said. “She can be a neighbor here any day, but if she is going to move here in a rental house to film at the expense of everyone around her, is that fair?”

Ohrabian also says Tori & Dean’s pack of pets are a nuisance. Note from an animal lover: It’s the human; not the animal.

There are also rumors of Tori having things delivered before she starting filming for True Tori and of furniture and Tori sending it back. causing the big trucks to constantly have to come back, clog up street.

It’s a shame, not only are Tori Spelling’s kids victims of this True-Tori-Scandal, now her neighbors have to deal with it too. What once was a quiet little neighborhood is now a  circus.

Oh and by the way,Tori & Dean were spotted out holding hands the other day when they were with their daughter Stella.  So much for divorce, when you have your hands all over her ass.  source



Other News Related To Tori and Dean

Remember when I said this about Tori and her narcotics? The title is cruel, however, if read this article by Star, the magazine that Tori “hates”so much because they have been right.  Duh. Tori hates the magazine because practically everything the magazine has said was or has came out to be true. Plus, Tori is creating her own cheating scandal for a show. What an attention wh+++ I don’t care if this is a reenactment or not. That woman is seriously disturbed.

Dean’s son Jack’s deleted tweets.

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As you all know, Mary Jo Eustace  and Dean Mc Dermott have a son together, Jack McDermott.  He seems like a level headed kid. The only thing that concerns me is, if you look at his twitter feed, he wants to be a Kardashian, other than that.. seems normal. You all know why the Kardashians are famous.. Ahem..

On May 13th Jack must have watched True Tori because he spoke up for his father.  Thanks to the good old Tweet Library, I was able to find them.  To tell you the truth, my heart breaks for this kid. I want Tori & Dean (mainly Tori) to see what pain she is causing other people.  I debated for a week but I’m posting them. Then I thought about, well, you know, Mary Jo is a woman with class despite what some people may think of her. So what if she kinda wrote a tell-all.. She has passed on opportunities to make money on Dean and passed.  I mean look at these two famewhores Dean & Tori who are humiliating themselves,their kids and their  family just to be on TV. Here is the son of Dean McDermott who loves his dad and has to  watch this play out and knows it’s not true.  How is this poor kid who is only 16 years old supposed to take this laying down? I’m sure Mary Jo made her son delete the tweets, but Star has already reported on Jack tweeting the tweets We know Tori reads Star. 🙂 If by chance Tori did not see his tweets, I hope she does. I hope she and Dean see what they are doing is hurting other people. 


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