Instagram War Starring Vivica A Fox & Kenya Moore

You all know the drill.. Anytime a Reality Type TV  show is about to air, there is always drama in the blogs & social media to keep interest on the show so viewers will tune in.
Lately, Kenya Moore “Twirl Extraordinaire” is feuding with Vivica A Fox. (WTF Vivica? You on the Celebrity Apprentice feuding humiliating yourself with a housewife ??) Supposedly Kenya stole or hid Vivica’s cell phone on the final task (? was it the final task?, we don’t know since this was “leaked” wink 😉 of Celebrity Apprentice.

Donald Trump was said to have called Kenya a horrible person. Then a “source” from camp Donald denied it and said ‘The Donald”  never said it because Kenya did not steal the phone.
So, the “adults” that Kenya and Vivica are have been battling on Instagram.


Vivica posted on Instagram that her phone was “stolen by u”, assuming she meant “stolen by Kenya”


Then Kenya responded by… Oh you just have to see for yourself…



I don’t know about you, this to me seems like drama to drum up interest for the season of Celebrity Apprentice.  I have seen this one too many times.