Reminder Of What Kind of Person Tori Spelling Was In 2006 – Also, Tori Spelling Knew What Her Father Aaron Spelling Would Leave Her When He Passed Away

A look back at what a horrible person Tori Spelling was in 2006

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You don’t get your parents fortune until both parents passaway. So while Tori has been telling the press for years that she was “shocked” to learn what her father had left her, in 2008 Tori sat down with ABC.. Well, read it for yourself. 

Spelling had a hugely successful television career, but it always came with criticism that her father had gotten her the roles. Spelling admits she got the “90210” role “from my dad,” but says she worked hard to turn what started out as a supporting character into a leading one.

Spelling says she was always her daddy’s little girl, and as most “90210” fans may recall, the Donna Martin character remained a virgin until almost the last season. In her memoir, the actress says her father was the one who insisted the character remain a virgin. She adds that what Aaron Spelling didn’t know was that everyone in the “90210” cast pretty much slept with everyone else. “It was pretty intense,” she said.

Growing up in the spotlight, Spelling says people have always made assumptions “that I’m filthy rich, that I had all this money from my dad, that I live this extravagant lifestyle.”

But she says that soon after she got cast on “90210” she was on her own financially.

“I had a hit TV series, so I didn’t really need [my parents] for anything,” she said. All that changed when “90210” went off the air. Spelling says that at one point she owed hundreds of thousands of dollars on her credit card and that she came close to bankruptcy, all because of her “bad shopping habits.”

“Bad shopping habits die hard,” she explained. “In all honesty, I grew up a certain way. I never had to worry about money … that was my reality.”

She says she was too proud to go to her father for help. “That means, in my mind, [that] I was what everyone thought I was, taking money from my dad, the rich little girl that he paid for everything. And I just refused to be that. [I would] rather be bankrupt.”

Time Out: On the Tyra Banks Show, Tori described the time she did go to her dad for help and he gave her $500 not knowing the seriousness of her debt — the debt that Tori would for the rest of her life find herself in.  If  Tori had $10 million dollars she would blow it with in 3 years.  Also Candy Spelling said in her book, “Candy At Last” Tori and her son got most of their inheritance before Aaron died. 

To get herself out of debt, Spelling went back to work.

“I turned into my dad’s daughter and I started thinking of things to do, ways to make money,” she said.

In the next few years, Spelling took just about any television job that would help her pay the bills. She also launched her own jewelry line, and in 2007, along with husband Dean McDermott, she launched a reality show called “Tori and Dean Inn Love” that also features the couple’s son, Liam. The third season of their show premieres in June on Oxygen.

‘You’re Gonna Be OK’

Spelling also inherited money from her father, who passed away in 2007. But despite the enormity of the Spelling estate, Tori inherited just under $1 million. Her brother Randy got the same. Many were shocked by the relatively small size of her inheritance — except for Tori Spelling herself. She had talked to her father about it before he died.

“It was a hard conversation to have with him. I didn’t want him to think that I was asking him for the money, or even talking about something so morbid as when he would pass. But I thought it was a conversation I needed to have … for myself and for my brother,” she said.” We had lunch and he said, ‘You’re gonna be OK. I made sure. You’re getting just under a million.'”

“I think part of me, in the back of my head, maybe hoped it would be different? But I hated myself for hoping it would be different, because I didn’t want to take advantage, I didn’t want to be that girl who needed, or wanted, my dad’s money.” source


From 2006/2007 Archives of the world wide web I came across something so nasty, dispacable that Tori Spelling said about her rat husband Dean McDermott ex wife Mary Jo Eustace;

Tori went to the event with her new husband Dean McDermott and also in attendance was McDermott’s ex-wife Mary Jo Eustace who is a television personality in Canada. Eustace reportedly was asked to leave the awards show because Tori claimed there was a restraining order against Eustace and her presence there made her uncomfortable. Eustace denies any restraining order exists, saying, “The excuse was that there was a restraining order against me, which is of course completely false and untrue.” Spelling has denied to Page Six that she had Eustace kicked out saying, “She plays the victim card over and over . . . It’s pathetic bordering on lunacy. I hope for the sake of her children she gains some self respect.”
But while onstage presenting an award, Spelling made some crack to the audience about being married to a Canadian and said, “They’re a lot nicer and they have nasty ex-wives who write tellall books. What more could a girl ask for?” (Eustace is currently penning “My Husband Left Me For Tori Spelling). Then backstage, she was insensitive enough to make a remark that seemed to be aimed at Eustace’s age (48) and her ability to have children. Shown on Entertainment Tonight, Tori loudly and obnoxiously talked about having children with her new husband and said, “When you have a young wife, they can actually have more children because they start younger.” “I’m young and virile. I can handle it!” After the remark, even McDermott appeared to look away in horror over what just came out of Tori’s mouth. Eustace and McDermott have a 12 year old son together and they had just adopted a baby girl right before McDermott bailed on his wife for Spelling. source 
Mary Jo was never “kicked out” 
Accoring to the NewYork Post in 2006
“GASOLINE and a lighted match mix as well as Tori Spellingand the ex-wife of her new hubby, Dean McDermottMary Jo Eustace was dumped last year by the actor after he fell for Spelling on a movie set. Now she’s shopping a tell-all. Sunday night, Eustace was ordered to leave the MuchMusic awards in Toronto after the billionaire heiress-actress threw a fit. “Tori, who was presenting, told the organizers either Mary Jo must go or she would,” said gossip columnist Shinan Govani, who escorted Eustace. “So we were secretly taken to an adjoining building to see it on TV, along with our own waiter and wine and shrimp.” As they watched, Spelling joked to the audience how great it is being married to a Canadian: “They’re a lot nicer and they have nasty ex-wives who write tellall books. What more could a girl ask for?” Snapped Eustace to Govani: “Welcome to my life. I’m up against a dynasty.” A disgusted Spelling told Page Six: “She plays the victim card over and over . . . It’s pathetic bordering on lunacy. I hope for the sake of her children she gains some self respect.” Tori also denied she ordered Mary Jo out.”
Just a reminder for those of you who might be feeling a little sorry for Tori.. .  Stay Tuned. Coming up; What Is The True sTORI Behind True Tori.. 

By the way Tori, you can stop pretending you did not know what your Father was going to leave you he passed away. You and your father talked about it according to you, kids don’t get an inheritance unless both parents pass away.

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