Exclusive: Why Ramona Singer Is Not Very Nice To Kristen Taekman

Why Ramona Singer Is Not Very Nice To Kristen Taekman

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I quit watching The Real Housewives Of New York the third week in. I could not stand the #meangirl treatment by Heather Thomson (whatever ever her last name is, I know one thing: Heather needs a Spanx’ing – read here ) Carole Radziwill & Kristen Taekman to Aviva Drescher on Social Media. On top of the constant complaining of Carole and book-gate. Let’s be honest, every franchise needs drama. Carole chose hers to be of Aviva taking the bait off Producers of Aviva saying she heard Carole had a ghost writer. Petty? Yes. Would it “ruin” Carole’s career? No. Then Shed Media & BravoTV decided to pull Aviva  for three episodes. We covered that here.  Alex McCord last week said in her VLOG for The Real Housewives of New York this season, they put the ladies all on 7 week contracts. It’s ridiculous producers & a Network did that to someone who has a prosthetic leg, asthma and a Dr.’s excuse. You can read more/watch about that here along with the post I just linked you too here (above also)  Needless to say; I stopped watching. That did not stop my spies from contacting me. As I said I have not been watching, I only read the recaps. By the way, if you are looking for a good recap; Aiken at The Real Housewife of Aiken writes a thorough, detailed and fun recap. The ladies were pressured to “bring it” this season. Producers will often talk to the ladies ahead of time before they film (we all know this) the way it was explained to me — Kristen who was in running for a full time housewife with Amanda Sanders; of course Kristen won because Heather is her “friend” and Heather threw a fit like as if producers should listen to her threatened to quit — told BravoTv “it’s her or me”,

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Let’s just say Kristen had current Housewives rooting for her on The Real Housewives New York & The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills = Brandi Glanville (this was before #RHBH aired and Brandi was still popular!)  it made it easy for Shed Media & BravoTv to choose. Kristen won… BUT Kristen was struggling with a story line and wasn’t bringing the drama on her own. So when you saw Kristen “confronting” Aviva at her photo shoot for her book & the other times she met with Aviva you saw Kristen giving her two cents.  Of course production told her to bring that up, however, you would think Kristen would say, “I don’t want involved” Nope. Kristen did not with  Ramona Singer either. . And as you saw — that did not turn out well.

My source tells me the reason Ramona was so rude to Kristen this season when Kristen would constantly insert herself in the drama,

Ramona knew exactly Kristen was doing.

My source also told me;

….Ramona was not going to let Kristen use her [Ramona] to save her ass…. My source went on to say;

..” All the ladies were under pressure to bring it..”


“Ramona is still holding an apple for a reason. Not because she [Romana] inserted herself in others business.

Ramona did not mean to cut Kristen’s lip; Ramona was tired of Kristen splashing water at her [spa] and Kristen using her as a story line.

My source also said Ramona did feel bad, however, every-time the cameras would turn back on, Kristen kept acting dramatic.  I am told it is a brutal world in Reality TV.

Now this is  funny, I just took a break to link everything and saw this article on Radar-OnLine: Kristen got her wish. She is going to get sympathy in the blogs & media and the attention needed to remain relevant. Again, I don’t condone throwing glass at someone, but when you have someone constantly in your business, splashing water at you like your 4 years old.. I would get annoyed too.  I did see the previews and heard about it in the recaps of Kristen inserting herself and splashing water like a  4 year old. When someone tells you so many times not to do something to them — do not do it. Catch this week of The Real Deal With Alex  McCord here.  Alex gives a great recaps and pissed producers off by telling their bad editing secrets. UpDate: