Guess Who Apollo Nida Is Snitching On?


I hope this don’t bite me in the ass by crediting or even using  Media Take Out (MTO) as a source as I once did a couple years ago.  However, we here at RealityTvScandals  are not one of them sites to claim we learned something “exclusively” when in fact we did not. We proudly give credit where it is due…Ahem

Moving Along.. Despite Apollo Nida claiming on twitter that he is not snitching anyone, take a look at part of his plea agreement and read the whole agreement here Undcover work I spoke to someone who is an (retired) attorney and who also is married to a retired  Federal Investigator and given that Apollo Nida was already on Parole for previous crimes Apollo committed, there is no way that a judge let alone the government would allow or recommend a third time offender out on bond, especially on a mere $25 thousand dollar(s) bond.  Apollo was definitely snitching on someone.  This very could be the general language of a Federal Plea Agreement; but given Apollo Nida‘s previous arrests… 


According to Media Take Out; it involves the Atlanta Police;

May 8, 2014: just got some CRAZY new info surrounding the whole Apollo Nida – Credit Card scam drama. According to a TOP SOURCE, we’re told that Apollo Nida was NOT ALONE in the criminal fraud conspiracy that he plead GUILTY for, two days ago. Our insider told us that members of the Atlanta LAW ENFORCEMENT were also reportedly involved – and the feds needed APOLLO’S HELP to catch them. That’s right – APOLLO WAS SNITCHING ON THE POLICE!!!! learned that at least one PAROLE OFFICER that was working with Apollo upon his release from prison got INVOLVED IN THE SCAM. And we’re told that Apollo SNITCHED ON THE OFFICER to receive a lesser sentence. CONFIRMED this report.

Read: Apollo Nida Indictment 

Media Take Out also claims it was a “leak” of court docs. Read More Here
I also want to point out that Apollo had blamed his crimes on Reality TV and trying to keep up with the “Jones”.  Contrary to Apollo’s claims, according to Apollo Nida’s Indictment (click here to read), Apollo got involved in this scheme of  crimes on or around in August of 2009. Apollo was released from Prison in May of  2009.  Apollo Nida married wife Phaedra Parks in November 2009. Remember; Phaedra stated she met Apollo in 1995, even gave two different versions. Actually they both did.  Also,  The Real Housewives of Atlanta third Season commenced in October 2010 according to their wiki page.  If you remember, Phaedra was about to drop any minute despite claims of only being 6 months pregnant. So, Please, do not feel “bad” for Apollo that life was just so tough that he just had to keep up.  Life for the victims of Apollo Nida‘s crimes are going to be tough trying to restore their credit, their good names back  along with some of them trying to get back their retirement checks owed to them.

Also, for the people who can not understand “who would trust Apollo now”  and “it’ is impossible that Apollo would be a snitch if they let it known” Why do you think there were so many extensions? Duh, the snitching already happened. 

For those of you criticizing me saying this is what Apollo Nida should be doing, I agree, however, Apollo Nida only did this to save his own behind. When Gayla St Julien, who was “Apollo’s right b**** that received scraps compared to what Apollo did” came to Apollo for help (click to read) he was out. If you recall, Gayla St Julien went to Apollo a couple weeks before she knew she would be caught and Apollo buckled on his promise.  As with any criminal:  A criminal is [are]  never sorry until are caught just as they never want to help “stop a crime” until they are caught. Spare me. Especially with Apollo acting aloof to the situation with his “fan base” he has. And no, I do not think Phaedra Parks in innocent in this.  This is a free country and I can not help the way I feel. 

Way to BravoTv! Way to go Atlanta!
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