Bravo TV Will Pull Your Leg Tonight By Pretending To Fire Aviva Drescher For Three Episodes #ShameOnYouBravoTv


Bravo TV wants to leave you guessing about Aviva Drescher

Rather you like Aviva Drescher or not – Aviva is doing her job!  Just as Kenya Moore is on The Real Housewives of Atlanta: Causing Drama and it worked!  Rather you agree or not, Aviva has carried this season thus far.  With that said; wait and see  what BravoTv pulls on you viewers tonight.  It is nothing other than fuckery.  Yes, BravoTv is going to mind F-U.

About a month ago, I received an email, it was rather odd I thought at the time, it stated;

“BravoTv is so desperate to stir drama up for The Real Housewives of New York they are going to pretend to fire Aviva Drescher”


I did not believe it. That is just ridiculous I thought, by then the promos were out with the infamous picture of Aviva’ s leg that we all knew would be on the Season Finale.  They can not  have Aviva crashing a party, they control who is filmed.  I thought someone was pulling my leg.  (No Pun Intended!) It turns out, BravoTv is going to pull your leg. (No Pun Intended!) I am not falling for this because I know all too well the tactics used by Shed Media. 




I am going to put a few more quotes in from the email, then you will understand why I did not  take it seriously;

..Aviva didn’t go to Montana. Her asthma doctor would  not allow it. It pissed off cast and Bravo, more so the cast”

“.. there will be three episodes of Avivia not holding an apple

..Aviva will return holding an apple for the season finale”

“…this is all a marketing ploy by BravoTv, they want to see viewers reactions and of course ratings are a factor’

Again, these are just extracts. I  did not  believe it. I ignored it.  Today, I see this post by NaughytButNiceRob (<– click to read this whole post) 

Real Housewife Of New York, Aviva Drescher, FIRED!

We can tell you exclusively that Aviva will be fired on tonight’s episode of Real Housewives Of New York.

She refused to take a trip to Montana with the other cast members, but that’s because she didn’t want to go away and rough it in the outdoors with a prosthetic leg and terrible asthma that she was suffering with.

Bravo faked a firing for the sake of the show, removing her from the opening and banning her form the next three episodes, but it’s all a ploy to get ratings up.

I then tweeted it to a couple people because I realized the email was right! And to tell you the truth: I am Disgusted!

Again, I get it, a lot of you do not like Aviva,  I don’t agree with everything Aviva does on the show, but I also know that this is “Reality TV” and it is no different from scripted TV.  Plots have to be fresh, plots have to be updated, you need twists in a series along with the wow factor keeping you on the “edge” of your seat so to speak.  Producers are not going to just follow 5 woman around with cameras and hope for the best.  I have said this for years; there is a lot  money on the line.   Reality TV is more about re enacting and making up story lines.  Reality TV needs drama. But for Producers and a Network to play games like this not only with the participants, to play games the viewers:  it is wrong!   Do they not forget that we fund them by watching? Especially those of us who have Nielsen Boxes? You can not lie to your audience and say something is real because you are too cheap to pay the actors/actresses an actors salary.  

 I also do not like the way Carole Radziwill, Heather Thompson , Kristen (Kristen who?) treated Aviva on Social Media.  It’s one thing to argue on the show, but when you act like MEAN GIRLS on social media –  that’s another thing.  One of many examples:

Caddy Tweets

 Again, if it weren’t for Aviva (looking at you Carol Radziwill and fans) what would Carole Radziwill‘s story line be this season?  If Carole were really “offended” by a silly comment, do you think Carole would really make this her story line? Think about it: What else did Carole have this season? Nothing but promoting her book, by promoting her book Carole made  herself out to be a victim.   Carole Radziwill  is Cindy Barshop B-O-R-I-N-G. When you think about it; when someone tells you, “word on the street is you had a ghost writer” How is that “damaging” your career? And who do you think told Avivia this in the first place? We all know who it was.  When Aviva tweeted she had to “protect” her sources, we all know that meant protecting the producers.  Anytime someone on Reality TV can not say who told them what; you know it came from the producers.  Here is  a reminder (<- click to read) on how Shed Media works.

I sure hope  Aviva was not used this season to only be let go next season, let’s face it;  what would The Real Housewives Of New York centered around if it were not for Aviva? Ramona Singer is not bringing it. To play games like this with viewers by firing someone because they can’t camp because they have a prosthetic leg and suffers from asthma is a joke.  Especially when your Doctor excuses you. This is also an insult to viewers intelligence.  In the real world; this is a lawsuit waiting to happen. I don’t care what contract a person signs either. Speaking of “Contracts” if Reality TV were so real; why do think these contracts evolve around Anonymity? To protect their “precious” story lines.

To know that BravoTV hired Kristen Taekman instead of Amanda Sanders because Kristen is  Heather’s friend.. How is that working out BravoTv/ShedMedia?   It is so obvious every line of Kristen’s is an instruction from the Producers; like involving herself in others drama because Kristen has no story line of her own, if Kristen did they would show it.



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