Apollo Nida Street Brother, Everett Tripodis wife/sister Jatonya Tripodis Arrested For Using Stolen Home Depot Credit Card + Apollo On HLN Talks About His, “Asset Recovery Job”

Jaytona Tripodis, Sister to Everett Tripodis Arrested For Using Stolen Home Depot Credit Card 

UpDate: Seems Jatonya Mitchell aka Jatonya Tripodis was a “business partner” of “One Eleven Consultants” owned by Apollo NidaJatonya Mitchell———————————————————————-


Jaytona Tripodis

For heaven’s sake. What is wrong with the people that Phaedra Parks and Apollo Nida hang around with?

Back in 2012,  Apollo Nida’s “street brother”  Everett Tripodis  wife/sister Jaytona Tripodis  was arrested for… YOU GUESSED IT… FRAUD

I say, “wife/sister” because it’s unclear if it’s the wife or sister to Everret Tripodis and I am  not at my computer to find out.  The person who sent me the article said she believes it is Everett’s Wife but someone said it was the sister. Regardless, what a hot mess crew of thieves.  Hide your purses, Chanel bags, Credit Cards when you are around these people.  My a– they make their own money.

According to News Daily this happened in 2012

Police disguised themselves as Home Depot delivery drivers..  This is to much and to dumb to think these fools would get a way with it. Stupid.

RIVERDALE — Police officers disguised themselves for an undercover operation to catch a thief in the act.

Riverdale officers dressed as Home Depot delivery men Thursday, to apprehend a woman accused of using stolen credit cards, according to Riverdale Investigator B. Elder.

Home Depot Central Investigators contacted the Riverdale police department regarding Jatonya Tripodis purchasing large stainless steel appliances and gift cards Nov. 9, with what store investigators suspected were stolen Mastercard and Visa credit cards.

Elder said Tripodis ordered a Maytag JetClean plus front control dishwasher, a Frigidaire 18.2 cubic-foot top freezer refrigerator, and a Maytag 30-inch self-cleaning freestanding electric range.

The total amount for the appliances was $2,079.06, according to police report.

Police said Tripodis arranged for the appliances to be delivered to her home, located at 967 Steeplechase Lane in Riverdale.

Thursday, Elder along with Riverdale patrolmen met with the delivery truck driver at the intersection of East Fayetteville Road and Riverdale Road. The officers dressed up as Home Depot delivery men and went to the suspect’s house.

“When we arrived in front of the residence, she was coming outside as if she were about to leave,” Elder said in the report. The undercover officer confirmed she was Tripodis and asked her to verify her Home Depot order. She did, he said.

“Once she signed all the paperwork,” Elder said, “I began to place her under arrest. Tripodis continued to resist and she was taken to the ground using soft-hand tactics.”

Police charged Tripodis with six counts of financial transaction card fraud.   Read More At News-Daily 

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Here is something else, Everett Tripodis Mugshot from 2005 

Everett Tripodis 2005 Mug Shot

Everett Tripodis 2005 Mug Shot

By the way, it’s interesting to hear Apollo Nida talk about his “asset recovery job”