Update: Brandi Glanville Homeless? Brandi Went Out And Partied Instead Of Looking For A Place To Live.

Brandi Glanville signed a lease. Brandi knew her lease was up, if Brandi Glanville is homeless – it’s her own fault.
Brandi chose to party in Florida after filming Celebrity Apprentice in New York. Give it up Brandi.

When an adult signs a lease; they know when their lease is up.  For the past few weeks, Brandi Glanville has filmed the Celebrity Apprentice   You would think even before Brandi started to film Brandi would have already started looking for an apartment, right?  Or.. Oh..  I don’t know;  have one of her “assistants” or staff look for a place while she was gone?    Think about it: Brandi the “responsible” adult she is, Brandi has  two children to think about, Brandi knew her lease was almost up,  Brandi knew the property owner wants to sell the house, Brandi knew if she overstayed her lease it would be expensive.  I’m sure it stated so in the lease.  Considering all of this; Don’t you think Brandi would have a better plan or back up? Not the case.  This is Brandi Glanville we are talking about. We know one thing:  Brandi Glanville is out there tweeting up a storm and playing victim. Again. At least in my opinion.

On April 25, 2014,  Brandi tweeted she was signing books for “charity” *yawn* event in FLORIDA! Brandi lives in California.

 Regardless if it was for charity, in order to be charitable — help yourself out first.

Instead of Brandi going home after her “charity” book signing.. What do you think Brandi did?



Yep! Brandi Went Out And Partied!



 I put these tweets on two separate  Storify’s   below because it is easier to keep in order. You may have to scroll or click “view slideshow” 

After Brandi got home, she was quiet for the most part, she tweeted a promo tweet for an airline company and  picture of her son. Watch how Brandi spins this all.

UPDATE: I just realized I put the exact tweet in of Brandi tweeting that she wants everyone to know that she is moving. She did tweet it two times on two different days, but the exact same thing. I will fix when I get home. 



This wouldn’t be the first time Brandi distorted the truth to take attention else where. I hate Brandi for this too. Having me somewhat side with Eddie. Remember how she used him to promote her book?


 Don’t fall for the “I’m homeless act”. At one time I really really enjoyed Brandi, the need to cause drama her the The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills made her so unlikable.

Remember this?