Carole Radziwill ASSistant Eric Goldie Is NOT a VERY NICE PERSON Part 2

Eric Goldie, Carole Radziwill Assistant is not a very nice person! 

Update 2: iRealHousewives interviewed Eric Goldie



Radar On Line and NaughtyButNiceRob picked up on this also, of course did not credit me or even state why Eric’s tweets were brought to light. I accidentally deleted the Whitney Houston Tweet – talk about mocking someone’s death? “Whitney Houston is now 4 months Sober” Eric tweeted that 4 months after Whitney Houston died. As one of my Facebook Friends Pointed Out;

…..he apologizes “IF” someone was offended by the writings. [I guess if someone wasn’t offended, no need to issue the mea culpa?] He’s getting his 15 minutes, and for these people [Like Eric] that is all that counts…”


IF you did not read Part 1 click here to read — there is an update on the bottom of that post.

                                                           ERIC GOLDIE  “Social Media Director” for Carole Radziwill  is also trying to minimize the whole thing by blaming this on his “college years”.

I smell bullshit once again.  This may work with Carole Radziwill, let ‘s be realistic;  it’s not like Eric was in college YEARS ago, he just graduated last May. (May of 2013 for those who don’t know what year it is) According to Eric Goldie’s LinkedIn page; Eric was already playing “Intern” and/or “Social Media Director” for Carole Radziwill and working for USA Network and NBC. 

Tweets Like These

Eric G Rude Tweets





Can you imagine if Aviva Drescher‘s  “Social Media Director” said; “The Shit and the teeth will hit the fan. #RHONY?




Seriously, the Eric Goldie “Goldies”condone this? 














Eric Goldie Foul Tweets 1a























To the person who tweeted me  the “apology” of Eric’s and said, “we love to hate” Um. No.  It’s not a “Love to Hate” thing.   Eric using his “college days” as an excuse.. really?  Then saying “it takes a big person” I say;  it takes an idiot to believe him.  This same person claims to be an “advocate” and works with children with disabilities.  I am not going to name this person because it will take away attention from the problem which is: Carole Radziwill and Eric Goldie.  This “advocate” had no problem  in the past sending me DM’s when I would tweet her competitor questions; when I found out they would raise millions of dollars a year and had nothing to show for; she would  tell me (via Direct Message through Twitter)  do not forget to “say this” bla bla bla.  This same “advocate” along with the other minions who started the #ToxicTeb campaign are sympathizing with Eric, meanwhile all Teb did was tell Carole she was out of line.  Who goes in someone’s home, asks to talk to them about something Carole knows the producers told Aviva,  insults them with a film crew in their home saying, “a book no one will buy” then grabs [Aviva] by the face — in her home and tells Aviva Drescher‘s ex “she understands their divorce”? Teb apolagized 100 times and these idiots expect us to just “accept” his apology when he: Eric Goldie started the campaign “Teb Mocked Carole’s Husband’s Death”?  then tweeted out Teb’s personal information. Do I need to repeat this all again?










Let’s Look At The Tweet Again 


Saying, “I totally understand your divorce” AS CAROLE SAID TO AVIVA is like saying; “I understand your husband’s death” #sowrong — as in “It would be like Aviva saying that or anyone saying it – it’s wrong!



It’s not like @Teb2350 and @caroleradziwill never tweeted before either.. Click to see Teb’s and Carole’s previous tweets

When Teb apologized 100 times — that was not good enough!  Let’s not forget what TEB said – was said two weeks before she became the Bravoholic account. Why does Eric Goldie get a pass?  He has not once apologized to Teb for tweeting her personal information or apologized for taking the truth out of context. Why does Eric get to blame his bigoted racist tweet on his college days  less than a year when  he graduated?  There are so many more tweets it’s disgusting.

















For those of you who “don’t get it” why we are so upset, I don’t know what to tell you.. Something’s aren’t just for everyone to “get” if you can’t catch on. Twitter is a 140 charactor format. Things come out wrong – things also come out right.  As Eric Goldie’s profile says; “Thoughts here are expressed as my own” 

Update 2


Jim: What exactly was the Twitter Scandal that started the #FreeGoldie campaign?

Eric: Ohhhh boy…here we go. Long story short: After I was on the show, people decided to dig 5 years back through thousands of my old tweets. Unfortunately when I was 18, I said some things that were extremely inappropriate. I had no following back then and had no intention to hurt anyone. It’s something that I regret every day because that is not the person that I am, nor the person that I was. My entire timeline is filled with jokes…mainly about myself! These people took screen shots of my tweets and sent them to some tabloids. I was called vile, a bigot, and sent threatening messages. So I stopped tweeting about anything Bravo-related which to my surprise sparked a mini twitter campaign called #FreeGoldie. There were rumors circulating that Bravo executives were holding me hostage in Andy’s clubhouse! Ultimately I decided it would be a good idea to protect myself and stay away from all of the negative energy. In the end, I felt bad that my actions may have reflected poorly on Carole because she had nothing to do with it. But as she always says, ‘this too shall pass.’

Jim: We all do dumb things when we are young. I was legitimately concerned when you disappeared and thought Carole had you locked in her basement. Now we know the truth – you were on an IV drip for dehydration singing “Hot in Here” because 80 degree apartments in New York….

Jim: So we can put this to rest once and for all, who really shot JR, I mean killed @thebravoholic?

Eric: I’m not exactly sure what happened with this “scandal.” [It’s Thanks for remembering 😉 ] Can we call it a scandal? I’m going to call it a scandal. However, what I realized after the fact was how passionate the Bravo fans are, and that is what makes Bravo such a powerful network. I was happy to see that some fans even joined together to create their own Bravoholic account called @Bravoholclique. Bravo has such a strong connection with the fans, so I’m happy to see the legacy of the Bravoholic live on. – Read Full Interview Here at iRealHousewives


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