Carole Radziwill ASSistant Eric Goldie Is NOT a VERY NICE PERSON Part 1

Eric Goldie, Carole Radziwill’s Assistant is not a very nice person!


I received some tweets of Eric Goldie — the ASSistant to Carole Radziwill, the ASSistant that Carole wants you to think she fired. The same ASSistant that acted like he was  insulted when @Teb2350 called Carole out on her bad behavior: In Aviva Drescher‘s house – telling Aviva’s husband that his wife was not a nice person and then telling Aviva’s ex that she “understood” his divorce.. You can read more about that here.. For now, you can read the disgusting tweets of her ASSistant. Stay tuned, there is more of this where it came from. 

Eric G Rude Tweets
Eric Goldie Foul Tweets 1a


FYI: No one was EVER MOCKING THE DEATH OF HER HUSBAND! Carole and Eric have nerve to talk about what “horrible” something is to say. 

Eric Goldie Liar



As predicted;  Eric Goldie did a massive clean up on his account.  Eric deleted well over 1,000 tweets


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