Another Reality Tv Scandal In The Making Concerning The Real Housewives of Atlanta – This Time It’s Peter Thomas Times Two

What the H-E DOUBLE HOCKEY STICKS is going on with the cast of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta”? Another day means another scandal. This time it’s involving Peter Thomas, husband to Cynthia Bailey Of the Real Housewives of Atlanta 

Peter Thomas

First from Access Atlanta  is reporting that Peter Thomas the owner of Bar One is behind on rent in the amount of $100,000.

Peter’s  landlord, Eloshua Elliott and Showtime Cafe, filed a complaint in Fulton County superior court claiming Peter Thomas owes more than $100,000 in back rent. The charges: “defendant breached a lease agreement by failing to pay rent and other fees including late fees, bank charges, real estate property taxes and unpaid utilities.”  The lawsuit states Peter Thomas has not paid his rent of $10,000 a month since March of 2013 to date;  $5,000 of the fees are in late fees.

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According to Access Atlanta, Peter stated;

Peter Thomas, in an exclusive interview this afternoon, said the problem is his primary landlord Showtime Cafe for the Bar One property. (Elliott is partial land owner.) Prior to March, he said they had been taking his money for a year and not passing it on to the bank First Fidelity for the mortgage they owe. He said Showtime is in foreclosure proceedings and according to Loopnet, the property was auctioned off in October, 2013 but does not say to whom (Thomas’ attorney recommended he not release the names of the owners of Showtime.)

Starting last March, he started placing his rental payments in escrow with his attorney until Showtime straightened out its issues with its bank.

“I’ve been caught in the middle of the crossfire,” Thomas said. In reality, he has no problem financially paying his rent.” Source 

On to another scandal that is in the making.. According to Peter Thomas has retained a high powered attorney.  I am just going to quote what Sandra says and you can go read the rest and make what you want of it; you let me know what you think it is.. Real Quick; No, I don’t think Peter Thomas needs a High Powered Attorney for no rent claims..

My source, who may or may not work at the courthouse, revealed that the federal indictments will be “unsealed soon” and become part of the public record. She said she will then be able to spill the juicy contents without fear of losing her job — since no one is supposed to know what’s in there. According to my source, “Apollo will not be going to prison alone.” Source <– click to read

(if other blogs call this an exclusive — they are liars! Sandra is the one who broke the news of Apollo’s Indictment! They are just too damn ego driven to not credit and want to make themselves look like they know something!)

On another note; the last two days we told you about how Saving Our Daughters Charity Spoke Out because Nene Leakes made them and how Saving Our Daughter Charity just should have kept quiet because there are skeletons galore on their closets  well that so called “tea” that Nene was to spill today..

Guess what? Nene WAS A NO SHOW! What’s up Atlanta? 

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